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How To Make A Folder Invisible?

How To Make A Folder Invisible –  Fahim Shaikh  INCPak Team member always comes up with something amazing for you all, already shared several tip & tricks earlier which you can in Tech Talks > Tip & Tricks category, this times it’s about making the Folder invisible.

Follow the procedure as mentioned.


A) Make a folder without name
Create a New Folder on the desktop or elsewhere.
Rename the folder as follows, Hold Alt and type 0160 Using the numbers on the right of your keyboard.
Now remove Alt and press Enter.

[sc:Adbox ]

B) Convert Folder icon to Invisible

Creating an invisible folder is very simple. Just do the above things and create a folder without name. Then follow the below steps.
Right click the folder and go to Properties.
Select the Customize Tab.
In the Folder icons section, click the Change Icon button.
Move the navbar, you can find empty spaces in between various icons. Select any one empty space among them and press Ok.
Now, you will see nothing unless you click that place, where your folder was previously present.



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