Do you want to chill a can of drink just bought from supermarket? Or does your cold drink getting warm while you drink it slowly? USB Mini Fridge can help you to solve these problems. This cool USB gadget with door design which can keep your beverage chilled and stay at your computer for longer time. Now, you can carry a fridge to anywhere!


  • Cools a beverage from 5V USB Power
  • Stylized as a mini fridge
  • Holds one can
  • Internal LED light
  • USB powered
  • No batteries required
  • Plug and play
  • Temperature of cooling pad decreases to 8.5 degrees after 5 mins
  • Dimension: 19.4x9x9cm
  • Weight: 362gPackage Contents:
  • USB Mini Fridge
  • User guide

USB Mini Fridge Review by incpak com
Like the CoolIT Chiller and practically all portable refrigeration systems such as those advertised for use in the car, DreamCheeky’s USB Fridge employs thermoelectric cooling, based on the Peltier effect. In layman’s terms, the Peltier effect is what happens when electrical current is passed through two different metal alloys, causing heat to be transferred from one junction to another, essentially making one side get hot while the other gets cold. While not nearly as powerful or energy efficient as a conventional refrigerator with a compressor, the low cost, size and durability of the thermoelectric cooler has found it a solid niche chilling soft drinks, not to mention cooling our satellites in space.

The effectiveness of the thermoelectric cooler (TEC) is determined by two primary factors: how much electrical current the system is being fed, and how quickly heat can be removed from the hot junction. For the heat removal, an aluminum heatsink (much like what’s probably inside your computer) disperses heat from the hot junction, and is aided by a small 80mm fan that sucks air from the bottom of the USB fridge and blows it over the heatsink and out through the vents on the front and back of the unit. ULIFE008900_04_L ULIFE008900_08_L ULIFE008900_09_L

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