INCPAK comes up with another custom ROM for Qmobile Noir A8 users, MIUI V5. This ROM has many great features which includes a complete new user interface just like IOS interface and it is based on Jellybean 4.1.2


  • Dr. Ahmer Zaidi for porting this ROM
  • Farhan Imaan
  • Ubaid Ur Rehman
  • Aleem Ashraf
  • Ali Akber
  • Whole INCPAK Team.


  • IOS like user interface
  • No App Drawer
  • Jellybean 4.1.2
  • Zip aligned

  • Init.d tweaked
  • Based on jiayu g3

  • Build prop tweaks
  • Battery tweaks

  • Gaming tweaks
  • Network tweaks

  • Light weight rom
  • Performnce tweaks

  • Free ram max 244 mbs
  • New UI


MIUI v5 ROM for Noir A8

MIUI v5 ROM for Noir A8

MIUI v5 ROM for Noir A8

MIUI v5 ROM for Noir A8

MIUI v5 ROM for Noir A8

MIUI v5 ROM for Noir A8

MIUI v5 ROM for Noir A8

MIUI v5 ROM for Noir A8

MIUI v5 ROM for Noir A8

We are currenty testing this ROM on our phones to address all the major and minor bugs and trying our best to fix those bugs so as soon as we are complete with testing procedure we will make the download links available to you people soon. There are already some bugs in this ROM which cant be fixed though so dont think that the ROM will be totally bugless. But the performance and user interface is the best of this MIUI ROM so far from all other custom ROMs out there. IOS like interface gives a classy touch to Noir A8.

Download links and intructions for installation for MIUI v5 will be available soon so keep connected with INCPAK.

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  1. Well, I really want to know that what are the plans of incpak team regarding porting 4.2.2 JB for A8, as its image and kernels has been released!

  2. Hi,
    Today I just install your Samsung TouchWiz Rom on my Noir A10, Let me tell you it really turn my phone fast like it was never before. Great work!
    I have few questions.
    1) I tried to use Micromax A110 roms from XDA Developers but none of them worked.. It installed all good but when it restarts it was stuck in starter logo of Noir.. Can you tell me why is it so? Although both Micromax A110 and Qmobile Noir A10 is same phone from the same manufacturer.
    2) I have seen lots of A8 Roms including this MIUI v5. Will those A8 Roms will be compatible with A10??

    I would really appreciate your early feedback.



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