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Must Download this free Web Freer Browser

Are you tired of using Proxies, VPNs, Chomre Extentions etc…, but have ever you tried this awesome tention free browser called Web Freer Browser .

 Web Freer Browser  is a quick HTTPS program encrypts browsing sessions, opens blocked destinations and secures a client’s security.You can choose from different search engines. Web Freer is a web program that let you visit any site quick, safely, and secretly.

 If you are in a open network with next to zero security of protection or security, Web Freer is the program you must have. Save the hassle of configuring your computer to a remote secure server or a VPN tunnel, simply download Web Freer browser, type in any website in the address bar, you will get there with high security through its HTTPS connection.

Web Freer Features

  • Web Freer is Secure Browser
  • Web Freer allow you to access any block website
  • Web freer have no malware threat
  • Web freer never put any effect on your internet speed
  • Web freer have all privacy features which user need
  • Web freer protect your identity

Step by step Installation of Web Freer Browser

Web Freer Browser

WebFreer Setup zip.

1. First download Web freer browser
2. Then extract the zip file
3. Open Extracted Zip folder and run web freer.exe file
4. After installation enjoy with free access of all website with web freer

Web Freer browser is very much secure so don’t worry about your important information, Web freer is fully secure ands load web pages faster like Google Chrome and Firefox.

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