Great News for Nokia 620 Lovers  – Nokia Lumia Amber coming soon  in Pakistan – The First Hand Information,  You’re probably about 24-48 hours away from receiving GDR2 and Amber on your device. Over on the Nokia support page that details rollout of Amber we see the Lumia 620 on Telus as “coming soon”. You’ll remember that Nokia recently clarified the difference between “waiting for approval” and “coming soon”. If your update is listed as coming soon it’s been approved and should roll out very soon,” reports WPCentral.

A few weeks ago, we reported that Nokia officially confirmed that the Amber update will be pushed out to all Lumia Windows Phone 8 (WP8) smartphones by the end of this month. The Finnish company had urged fans to “be patient” as the update was on its way.

“To ensure the software update meets our quality standards, we’re running multiple tests with various country variants and operators. We make the updates available to you as soon as we complete testing. With Lumia Amber we expect to have the update arriving in all Lumia Windows Phone 8 phones by the end of September. Be patient – it’s coming!” revealed the Nokia Conversations blog at the time.

Additionally, according to Nokia’s support page, the Koodo variant of the Lumia 620 is “still waiting for approval,” which basically means that it is undergoing final testing  and, therefore, it could be a while before the carrier’s customers receive the Amber update. Nokia-Lumia-Windows-Phone-8-update-jpg

Those who own a Lumia 520 also need to be patient as the Koodo Mobile, TELUS, Rogers, PC Mobile and Chatr Wireless variants of the smartphone are all “awaiting approval as well.”

If you own the TELUS variant of the Lumia 620 look out for the update in the next couple of days.

Nokia Smart Camera – a burst of creativity.

Nokia Pro Cam Lumia-720-smart-camera-jpg

Take a sequence of photos with Nokia Smart Camera, and then choose which story you want to tell. Choose your best shot, capture a sequence of motion, put the motion in focus, remove unwanted moving objects or select the best expressions to make great group shots. Download the Nokia Smart Camera app from the Nokia Collection – you’ll find it in the Store on your phone.

Take even better pictures.


The Lumia Amber update improves the camera capabilities across the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 range with better low-light photos, improved auto focus, enhanced noise filter and more. You will get even better shots.

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