Nokia X didn’t came up with Playstore, Nokia restricted it due to which people were speculating that Nokia Android Smartphones may not level up with other International brands, but here’s the proof of Nokia X with Gapps from Playstore.

Nokia X

Nokia X

Nokia X

For the open source Android nothing is impossible, once the you follow these steps as mentioned you will be able to nail Nokia X and avail all Gapps and Play Store as well


Senior Member on XDA Kashamalaga is the first one who installed and showing the demo in the video below

I´m one of the guys in mwc that got a new Nokia X device.

I just return home and i couldn´t imagine how easy its going to be restore Gapps.

Cause i didn’t read anything. Going to write some guide or maybe i´ll do a little app to do the process in an automatic way.

A few pics!

Am i the first one!? 


Check the Video Nokia X using Gapps




This is a rudimental way to do it. This happen because we dont have recovery yet. Bootloader seems locked in some ways, so instead
flashing a single zip, we need this way to get it working.

You should need a rooted device. Use Gandalf Exploit included in Framaroot app.
(Download it from…1&d=1391850491)

We need a Root explorer app, use whatever you want. (For example:…explorer&hl=es)

Extract and copy all apks from “” to /system/app and change permisions for this files.


PS. Google Now Launcher its working too!



Extract and install as normal user every single needed apk include in ““. (If wanna use Google Now Launcher, open it after install it)

Try to launch Play Store, its gonna ask u for a Google Account et voilà


That’s it ….


Nokia X got Nailed – Here’s the original XDA thread Link


For the technical discussions and help you are welcome to join us on INCPak Forum

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