Pakistani Hackers has declared a Cyber War against india on 15th of August which is actually their independence day. Pakistani hackers says that they will attack on many important Indian government and other sites and will cause the destruction on Indian cyber space. Pakistan always want peace but if anyone hack their country website or abuse it Pakistani hackers never forgive them.

After continuing Cyber Attacks and retaliation from both ends, Pakistani Hackers declared Cyber War against Indian, The Sites which hackers said will be  hacked, are all high profile, In Past CBI The Indian official website was hacked by Pakistani hacker in 2010 , The cyber war even congress website and thousands of others and wiki leaks declared Pakistan the winner of that cyber war .

In this Cyber Operation many teams are and being involved to smash the Indian cyber space. In other words this cyber war is the result of the defacement from Indian Hackers on Pakistani sites.

Final Verdict by the Pakistani Hackers 

We want the freedom of Kashmir
We will fight till we are alive
we will not forgive you
We are Pakistani Hackers

Pakistan Zindabad

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