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Pakistani Hackers on Fire #OpFreeKashmir , May 27th 2014

So The Pakistani Hackers been hard on Indian cyber space yesterday they carried out massive attack on Indian Cyber Space, the unity among Pakistani hackers shows they can be destructive and jolt the roots of indian online business as well as the government.

In Yesterday’s fresh attack, several thousands websites were hacked / defaced by Pakistani Hackers, Among those sites The like Taj Mehal was knocked down.

In the report by India Today, mentioning Pakistani Haxors Crew has claimed all the violent activities, while they have also mentioned that around 500 websites were hacked by the group of 360 Hackers from Pakistan – URL to the India Today’s Post

So the Indian Media is telling the truth to the people , why don’t you check out this  : The List contains all the websites hacked / defaced.

It’s really shameful that Indian renowned Press / Media isn’t being fair with the people about the #OpFreeKashmir Massive Attack.


Meanwhile, PHC , Pakistan Haxors Crew planned this attacked way before they did, united the hackers from accross Pakistan to participate in this Massive Attack.


27th May 2014 was already decided and Green to Go by The Pakistani Hackers, whereas Pakistani Prime Minister was in India having  Chit chat with newly elected Prime Minister of India Mr.Narendra Modi.

Pakistani Hackers

The Question which Pakistani Nation is ASKING ! 

Here’s the video which posted by the Hackers on Dailymotion earlier showing how many sites been hacked / defaced !

The Video

Pakistani Hackers on Fire – Cyber War

 The Recent attack is the reminder of the Kashmiri Freedom and against Indian Army’s illegal occupation in the valley of Kashmir.

The world seems to be quite ” Deaf , Dumb  Blind ”  on the Kashmir issue over half a century now and newly elected political reforms across both sides of the border are ” Trying ” to bring peace in the region which is merely impossible until and unless Kashmir issue is not resolved.

UN –  Useless Nation doesn’t seems to be bothered about the people of Kashmir, but Pakistani Youth is Passionate for the Freedom of Kashmir Valley.

The Political channels are playing their role in the Fake Peace Gestures, denying the fact and the figures, But it appears Youth is not gonna bow down, against all odds they will pursue such attacks until they demand is not heard on the global scale. 

This is undeniable fact that Pakistan and India cannot be friendly neighbors until the Kashmir issue is not resolved. Both Nations are deeply concerned about Kashmir and they are not willing to give up until there last breath.


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