Phillips Roms for Qmobile Noir i9 User Review

INCPak Forum member Muhammad Umar shares his views about Phillips Rom for QMobile Noir i9. This post is completely unedit and just the way Muhammad Umar has Published.

Muhammad Umar says :- 

For me every custom rom need customization. Today my review on newly added Rom for i9 by INCPak. Namely Philips Rom for i9.

This rom is extremely Fast and 100 % lag less, Default Camera and launcher are sucks as well as there is no mod pre-activated when you flash this rom 1st time, in manner of speaking, the Dev: want us to explorer it and arrange it as we like…. some features of this rom are:

1. Simple UI (Not modded compared to other Custom Roms)
2. Modded Cam pre-installed which is pretty awesome.
3. Xposed supported and Pre-rooted.
4. Made for Hardcore Gamers.
5. Beat Installer(Have to install it manually)
6. Seeder (For Super Fast Experience)
7. 100% Bug free.

Some tips for starter’s
1. Update Play Store Service and download Chrome.
2. Download SuperSU Pro (…/supersu-pro-2-46-apk/)
3. Set Nova your Default Launcher (…/nova-launcher-prime-vmaterinova-27-apk/)
4. Download Root Uninstaller and Uninstall Useless Apps like Apex Launcher, Maps, Google Search, Text to speech, Blure UI, Xstana, Flat Keyborad etc.)
5. Set Nova as your System app by root uninstaller …
6. Activate Seeder and check all the Option (Note: this will reduce your battery backup but you feel the change in your Phone).

That’s all for this Super Fast Beast (Rom) have fun and Remember me in your Prayers…

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