The Official website of Pakistan Muslim League Q league ( PMLQ )  has just been hacked by Mango Warrior, Seems like Pakistani Hackers are sick of Lies by the politicians and they contributing in favor of Pakistan.  After a long we are witnessing any Political website boxed ( Hacked ) by Pakistani Hackers.

The main page is also defaced




Mango Warriors mentioned the message very precisely on the website.



! Hiya People !!!! 😀 You are watching This Lota ?? Cool na ??:D We really did harwork to Find such Lota which can describe the nature of these Chauhdry baradran 

So Dear Lota’s First of all You Destroyed Punjab :/ Taken Everything from it in support of that Musharraf !!!! 
THen You people Again Showed Your Lota’ism Now You are criticizing Everyone who is in Government !!!. 
You Lotas Will now bring Inqlaab in Punjab Along with that Baba Tahir ul Qadri ??? who comes in pakistan like 😀 a weather and then again goes canada for the whole of year.
We’ve got access on all of yOur Site Data !!! its was Really Fun Breaking Your Security.
Tay Shujaat Hussain sahab :v tussi Ki inqlaab layaana tuhaday kolon Sahi trhan Alfaaz tay Mu tikar layay Nahi janday :p 
We’ve already Owned Tahir Ul Qadri 10 Domians 
!! We Will always there when someone tried to Destabalize Nation Just because of their politics 
the Country is in Crutial state 
Instead of Supporting Zar-E-Azb You People are just Making Your politics Shine 
One Message for CHauhdry Sahab from my Friend “CHaudhry Sahab Da Chashma lawao Ay wakhray hi Matrix day Hero Bani janday nay ” and also “he demanded a Translater along him 😀 :p”

And WAdday Chuadhry Sahab :p Me Hisab laaya aay k tuhadi Glasses di waja ki ban

Check Here 😀
Noora League.We are seeing your activities aswell,What are you doing to Pakistan.Gareeb Bhook Say Mar Raha Hai,Paani Ko Taras Raha Hai or Aap lOG Mineral Water ki bottles kay mazay lay rahay hain,AC wali gariyon main safar kar rahay hain agar yay sb aesa hi raha to we will stand against you (Government) as REBELS,We know by leaking your Confidential Data,Breaching your Server Security and just changing your main index to ours,is say aap ko koi farq nahi parega but Atleast hamaray message say kuch logon ko AWARENESS to hogi.



Roti SHoti Khaa k jana :v 😀

Stop Making People Fool


Chaudhry Chaudhry Kardi Way me AApay E CHauhdry Hoi



The above message is appearing on the Official website , Point is Pakistani Hackers are well aware of Political tactics that these politicians are fooling people openly or they are backed by the other political forces in Pakistan.

what we have witnessed in the past that, Pakistani Hackers been very balanced and fair, never hacked any website without any purpose, this recent attack on the PML Q official website sends a clear message to PML Q leadership that they shouldn’t fool People.

i aay :p Kindly See all other people 😀 too

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