Port your own Custom Carlive Recovery for mtk65xx

Guys cheer up … here I am to help you all those guys who are facing problem to find any custom recovery for their smartphones with mtk chipset. Just read and follow the below instructions carefully and at the end you will be having your own custom carlive recovery on your cell phone.


All you do, at your own risk. Make A Backup before you start. Use MTK DroidTools 2.53 to take a backup for your device.

You can create your new CWM-Recovery on the most MTK Phones.You can create Touch or nonTouch Recovery.

Read carefully the Instructions and take a look on the Pictures. It works.

It is based on the new 6.x Version from Carliv – It is very fast and has a FileManager in CWM build in. NVRAM Backup is avaiable too. The CWM-Recovery is fully Nandroid compatible and has a Color/ Rainbow Mode.

First you have to figured out, the Resolution of your Phone. If you are unsure, use the Screensize App to identify. First from left to right – then from Buttom to Top.

Then download thr right recovery file “Port-CWM Recovery” from line given below. make sure, to go in right section Lun1 or Lun2 to download. (Don´t flash the Port-Recovery!)

A.    Lunfile path 1 (old): “/sys/devices/platform/mt_usb/gadget/lun%d/file”
 B.    Lunfile path 2 (new): “/sys/devices/platform/mt_usb/musb-hdrc.0/gadget/lun%d/file”

After selecting the right Port Recovery, MTK tool will do the Job for you and flash the Recovery to Phone. Booting in Recovery is the Final – to see your Work.

Look at the Pictures carefully and follow the instructions .. at the end you will have your own CWM_Carliv_Recovery ( Touch / Non touch ).

Figure # 1


Figure # 2


Figure # 3


Figure # 4


Figure # 5


Figure # 6


Figure # 7


Figure # 8










Figure # 9



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