PTCL  Net issue – we are getting reports from various cities and towns that users are facing  Internet Slow or No browsing issues, Technical issue was first reported from Hyderabad and Karachi.

The Problems turns out to be nation wide INCPak Reported an hour back 

Currently PTCL Internet users from Rawalpindi / Multan / Islamabad / Hyderabad / Karachi are facing this issue.

Most of the users are online using 3G service on their smartphones,  INCPak Team tried to contact PTCL on 1218 but still the same recording is being played.

The Technical issue hasn’t been resolved yet, The Internet Speed is flactuating up and down, very difficult to browse specially the PING is high.

PTCL – Complaints Register Helpline  1218 is not responding at this moment from Karachi.

However the issue continues on Nation wide.

If you are facing PTCL Internet Issue, don’t break your broadband modem !! The Issue is from PTCL’s end. Call on 1218 and register your complaint.

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