Q Users Don’t get upgraded to Jelly Bean OS ! Didn’t I warned you ….

I been the first one to inform everyone that Jelly Bean Operating System has just touched down in Pakistan at Q Fellas  after which every one asked me when it’s gonna be available, well I even informed everyone that It’s available but Personally myself I didn’t get went for it because It has the BUG ! Yes you heard me right …

What it does !! 

Well It Drains the Battery due to which Jelly Bean’s whole concept gets messed up instead of optimizing and increasing efficiency, it decreases your phone’s battery life, well I wasn’t person  damn sure about it until the time My Tech Talk mate Hamza Kazmi shared this with me over the Skype and after which I informed infact WARNED everyone not to get it upgraded but here people don’t listen they act faster than the speed of thought !

Most of the visitors are asking the Back up of JB OS over here and on Faree’s Weblog well I just want to inform you that Q Version of JB has a Bug due to which they are suggesting users to install Battery apps which are totally useless, but we Tech Talk Team are working on alternative method so WE NEED TIME !

after which JB OS will be available from here INCPak to all, but I am afraid it wont be Q Version since the bug cannot be fixed in Q version JB, many times I have said Subscribe via email, TYPE   INCPak in your write msg and send it on 40404 to get the latest updates since we are working around the clock and our team members finding new methods and solution daily, INCPak is keeping its promise ~ Empowering Youth ~ since Pakistani girl developer ( Jia Khurshid ) also joined as The INCPak Team Member,  to help and spread awareness in Pakistan, which means we are the fastest growing Technological and Infomatical platform over the Web via Pakistan.

INCPak, don’t copy paste, the information which is local we firmly first confirm it than we publish unlike, 10s of bloggers out there who copy the stuff from here.

I warned you about the JB before time update now Q fellas are giving options to get the ICS 4.0.4 back as it was I think It would be better if you jump back till they fix the bug else keep charging your mobile while showing JB OS to everyone.

Always listen to the Expert’s advice specially when there are many at one place.

INCPak Team.

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