KARACHI: The Customs Intelligence Department on Saturday confiscated another consignment of 80,000 Q-Mobiles from a house in Defence Phase-7, along with the arrest of five accused, the sources informed INCPak.
“The 80,000 mobiles phones were stashed in a DHA bungalow,” the official said, adding further investigations are underway to locate the 3rd container. Earlier, the department had claimed that they had confirmed reports regarding three containers of Q-Mobiles phone, which were smuggled into Karachi without paying customs duties.

Earlier on 92 HD New channel reported about Qmobile’s latest trick of by-passing customs by importing mobile phones in the name of QLED bulbs.

Qchor caught red handed !

On Thursday, the customs authorities had confiscated a shipment of 64,000 Q-Mobile phones worth Rs 350 million imported by Digicom Trading Pvt Ltd.


Earlier, the authorities found one container in Saddar, Karachi that contained 64,000 mobile phones/tablets of Q-Mobile. On a tip-off by the arrested person, the source claimed that the authorities confiscated another consignment of 80,000 Q-Mobile phones from the aforementioned DHA location.

The remaining container was still being traced out, and this consignment reportedly has been imported from Jebel Ali, UAE, by Digicom and was cleared by Karachi International Container Terminal (KICT), the official said.


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