Have a closer look of Qmobile Noir A5 Classic, already I have mentioned the specification and news about this phone but I didn’t had the images so this time thanks to Shahzaib Sohail who provided the images which I am sharing with you all here.

Qmobile Noir A5  doesn’t not have LED Flash behind at all as you can see, which means night photography is not possible unless you don’t have external light where your taken the image. There’s a hardly a difference in specification in this phone and Noir A6 but A6 been a trouble due to the internal memory so I prefer this one to all the blog / site / Facebook Page visitors.


Qmobile Noir A5 Classic comes in two colors  Black and White, so you have a choice, The Internal Storage is not complicated as Noir A6, but simple as A8 or any other higher specification phone,



Let me clear that, A5 Classic does not have TV output feature, just incase if you think ! beside it surely it has revived the Actual A5 feel which personally I liked very much 650Mhz, so this time Classic came up with 1Ghz and 512 MB.


Quality of the phone seems GOOD ! I haven’t personally checked but it looks OKAY to me, Strange thing is this phone is not on the official Q Site, I don’t what their problem is they don’t update the site when the model is launched, mostly Webmaster is sleeping or RIP !


Now lets look at the display and Benchmark of Qmobile Noir A5 Classic.

A5classic-benchmarkOkay o.O this baby scores Good ! wow…….. well to be honest if you are willing to buy Good reasonable android phone with huge space I would recommend you this but this phone is not upgradeable ! A5Classic-BM


Verdict :-

1-  Quality of the phone Material is Good !

2-  There is no Issue with the Internal Storage !

3-  No Issue Reported with the Battery Timing

4-  Camera does not have the LED Flash

5 – Benchmark Test is so far GOOD !

6 – Not upgradeable

7- GPS  YES , ICS 4.0.4  Operating System

8- Best Budget phone ( OH YES )

9-  ENJOY !  🙂

Well you can join us at Sharing Is Caring and Qmobile discussion Page on the Facebook Social Circle =) that’s where you can have a chit chat with Shahzaib Sohail who provided the images, you all can contribute share with INCPak your devices because are adding up as we getting, I appreciate that memebers are not just now visiting but they are also being part of the INCPak.com

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