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Qmobile Charger exploded !

We’ve heard the stories of Samsung Note 7 exploding ‘Phone Bomb’ but very unusual incident occurred with Rizwan Najeeb this afternoon as Qmobile Charger exploded while it was connected and Charging QMobile Z12 Smartphone.

Rizwan informed on Mission Z12 group chat earlier today, after which INCPak team contacted and gathered more information about the incident.

” I put phone on a charge and went for namaz, When I came back there was smell in the room when I checked The charger was exploded and burnt parts were spread in the room, However The phone and even the Data cable is ok. I was using original QMobile Charger and Data cable” –  Rizwan Najeeb.

Breaking news of this incident was shared on INCPak Forum Facebook, members asked what caused this explosion on which Rizwan replied “it exploded without any reason”

Here are some Exclusive Images of Qmobile Charger Exploded !


Unfortunately Qmobile don’t provide any claim for accessories nor they exist online ‘Online Customer Service’ however fortunately Smartphone and Data cable survived in this explosion. least one thing is clear you cannot rely on accessories as for those who commented that it might have happened due to fluctuation or something wrong with the circuit board mess up – Rizwan himself is a technical person.

Our debate on this explosion issue will continue on.

Be careful  Guys !