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  • ahsan

    qmobile is not so good but mobile were cheap compare to samsung with same spexification so qmobile quad core mobiles are a900, a900i and many more good phones
    In duol core qmobile a50 is best ever mobile with 5MP camera

  • kaka

    lol, the pic is of micromax a116 and has been photoshoped so now instead of micromax its written qmobile
    you just proved you're a pakistani mr. blogger :p

  • Farhan Imaan

    Why are you waiting for it ! Go get S2 1 GB ram and dozens of custom roms …….

  • Ali Ahmed

    Any news on A16?
    Well rather, I would buy Xioami M2s!
    A successer to Xioami Mi2!
    Xioami, a company which took the world buy storm!
    ANd Xioami M2s ( Rs 30,000) score more than Galaxy S4 in antutu and quadrant!
    Do check it and post the review!

    • Farhan Imaan

      Actually the fella who is representing this phone Salman riaz he himself is confused how to sell junk ! I wouldnt suggest anyone to waste unless not tested couple of months back he contacted and said I should do his marketing on which my reply was need the sets to test and review he turned away that cleared me that these are junks plz spare me S4 …. if one wants a good phone I think S2 is the best 1 GB ram and enough storage custom roms instead of buying something he regrets !

      I am against Marketing Fucks !

  • Ali Ahmad

    G Five has not yet come with 1 GB and same with Qmobile. I have been waiting for a16 since it is declared as a116. SO any news about that…. ?

  • Shahrukh Aman

    Release date??

  • akram tariq

    see specs inshaALLAH i will buy as it launch

  • Aslam Qureshi

    Q mobile cannot change anything with the specs. The stretegy of Chinese manufacture, they first release phone in India being a bigger market then Pakistan. Specs. are prepared way back the launching time. Q mobile is small buyer for manufactures. Q launches what is available. If Q mobiles plays with prices, manufacturing company coming to India directly, they can come Pakistan as well and as consumers, we will have better prices. Reading reviews of MMX 116, this looks a good phone.

    • Ali Ahmad

      But sometimes manufacturer costomizes the sets. As micromax a110 has only micro sim option, where as qmobile a10 uses regular SIM.

  • Ali Ahmad

    well, your prediction regarding a12/a9 was also wrong, plus a10 was also below your expected and blogged specs.

    So I positively suspect that a16 will also be not with these specs.

    Do not over expect from Qmobile, they are still targetting cheap sets, with pathetic marketing strategies. I wish that a16 is with these specs, but i am 110% sure that it will not be canvas HD :(

    Sad but true …

    • Farhan Imaan

      Dear I don't predict I have personal interest in fooling people I share the information which Q Fellas do with me, why do they do that SIMPLE because my blog and now this site has the highest hits than their official page, for the promotional purpose now after this if they change the specification and or mind than its not my fault, A8 can as it was told A6 as well A10 messed up and i have to write in detail about the faults . If one has a access to internet and credit card prefer to get mmx.

      • Ali Ahmed

        well, I am agreeing with Farhan, but Q-fellas should have increased internal storage to make it a high-powered device!

        • Ali Ahmad

          so far after the launch of a9, a11 and a12, qmobile max price for noir series is 17 thousand. micromax a116 is priced 14K india, which costs 25K in Pakistan. So I do not believe that qmobile will launch 25 thousand set after 17 thousand model.

          • Ali Ahmed

            well, not now, as Noir A12 costs around 22,000!

          • Farhan Imaan

            Q will launch many Android sets and Tablets / notes this year else they won't be able to compete with the market specially as GFive gearing up, by the end of this year 2 GB RAM and JB 4.2 is M U S T else Q Lost big time with coming up with almost alike models .

  • Haris Tanwir
    • Farhan Imaan

      That's right its the same

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