Qmobile Noir A2 internal memory problem fixed

Hi Everyone!

All users of QMobile Noir A2 know about the very limited Internal Memory of this phone.
Well you can get rid of that problem by Rooting your phone and using Link2SD application.

Here I have posted how to use Link2SD specifically on QMobile Noir A2. This is a edited version of the tutorial from this site:

I am not stealing any work, just modifing and reposting with reference.

Before starting do Note:

You will need to have a Rooted QMobile Noir A2. Search if you need help with Rooting.

Also note that there is absolutely no way you can actually increase the size of your phone’s internal storage but you can allocate some part of your memory card for your phone to install applications to.

What you will need:

  1. Your QMobile Noir A2 Phone (must be rooted)
  2. Memory card (2GB and above only)
  3. A memory card reader
  4. A computer
  5. Download and instal MiniTool to your computer. Download from this website: partitionwizard.com/free-partition-manager.html
  6. Link2SD application (should be downloaded on Google play store)
  7. Backup your memory card (copy all the data on it to a folder on your computer)

Remember that you will have to fully format your SD-Card so remember to copy and save all your data as you will lose it completely in the format.


Do not complain to me if you lose your data and did not make a backup of it. In that case I am afraid to say that nothing can be done now to get your data back.

Steps to increasing your A2’s Internal Memory

Step 1: Backing up your memory card:

  • Before attempting this, make sure you have backed up all the files and folders on your memory card to your computer by easily coping the whole memory card and pasting into a folder on your computer.

Step 2: Partitioning your memory card (Be careful here you can destroy your memory card):

  • Connect your memory card to your computer using a memory card reader (dont use a phone and USB cable) and take note of the letter assigned to it by your computer on my computer page example (F: ), (D: ) etc .
  • Open the installed MiniTool on your computer.
  • Right click on your memory card letter (example D:, F: ) and click delete.
  • Now you will see the memory card showing unallocated space, right click on it again and select “Create as -> Primary”
  • If your memory card size is less than 2GB, select file system “FAT” . If it is more than 2GB, select “FAT32”.
  • Now go down and reduce the size of your memory card on partition size so that there will be space on unallocated space (that will be your added memory, so you can choose any size you want).
  • I recommend that you leave at least 0.5GB or 500MB and if your memory card is 4GB or larger then leave 1GB.
  • No need to leave more than 1GB unallocated.
  • Now, choose the unallocated space again and select “Create as -> Primary”
  • Now, choose “FAT” file system. You can let the whole space take over in this step.
  • Now click ok and click apply on the top menu.
  • Wait for it to finish and you have successfully partitioned your memory card.
  • Copy your data backed up on your computer back to the memory card and insert it into your phone and turn it on.

Step 3: Configuring Link2SD:

  • Now open Link2SD which you have downloaded from Google play store on your phone-Now open Link2SD which you have downloaded from Google play store on your phone
  • On first run you will see a diagloge from Super User similar to the image below. This is a safe application provided you downloaded it from Google Play with the correct name so go ahead and click on “Grant”.l2

Next Link2SD will ask you to select the file system of your second permission, choose “FAT / FAT32”. See image below.





Now click OK, the phone will ask to get restarted, click on “Reboot Device” so it will restart itself.




  • A dialogue box will come up after the restart click okay
  • Open Link2SD

There is a funnel-like icon on the top part click it you will see different options, choose on internal l5


Now tap the Menu Key of your phone, and select multi-select, then press the select all button.l6    l7


All of these apps will be selected. Now choose action then click create link


Select the three options (link application file, link dalvic-cache file,link library files) then click ok

l9Link2SD will then move all those apps and games then create a link with them from the second partition of your SD card. Touch OK when done

l10Now you are done but to make sure this happens automatically every single time you install an app you should goto settings from the menu and click on auto link and then select Auto Link Settings and then select the three options again and ok

      • l11l12l13
      • Also to prevent your phone from automatically moving apps to SD-Card by the default method which is not much effective and will cause problems goto settings from the menu, click on Install Location and select Internal



    • You are now free of the low memory issue with your phone.
    • This is how I got Link2SD to work on my QMobile Noir A2, and I love it. I have been able to install 45 applications on my mobile, including all big popular games.Here is screenshot of my mobile after I used Link2SD and installed many games as you can see for yourself here that how much Internal Memory is even after installing these many applications:
  • l17

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