Qmobile Noir A20 issues and Problems !

Qmobile Noir A20 first Quad-core smartphone was launched few days back, Q fellas were very excited and were willing to buy it because as branded Quad-core phones are expensive while Noir A20 was cheaper than those phone. Q fellas started buying  A20 – the day after INCPak informed them. But later those bought the phone came up with some major problems and issues.

QMobile Noir A20

Firstly the main issue is regarding the WIFI connectivity problem. Users of Noir A20 told that there is WIFI issue that it only connects if your phone is closer to WIFI device/ router, but when they go away from the router the phones doesn’t connects to WIFI. It seems Qmobile has decreased the WIFI range or there may a bug in A 20 which is causing this problem.

Secondly the gaming issue:- The users are facing problems in running games as the games force closes multiple times. There are bug in Qmobile noir A20’s stock rom which is restraining games from running properly, otherwise heavy games is not a issue for Quad-core processor

Thirdly Battery issue:- The battery is 2100 mAh which is quite less for a Quad-core phone as Quad-core sucks more battery than the single and dual-core chips.

Other  drawbacks are the problem with the notification light &  No 3G ( not a big prob because no 3G in pakistan but still they have provided it )

Big phone with Big problems that is not new thing as previously users were facing problems with other newly launched Qmobile phones and later they solved the issues. So Stop buying it until the problems are solved by Qmobile company.

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