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Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20 issues and Problems !

Qmobile Noir A20 first Quad-core smartphone was launched few days back, Q fellas were very excited and were willing to buy it because as branded Quad-core phones are expensive while Noir A20 was cheaper than those phone. Q fellas started buying  A20 – the day after INCPak informed them. But later those bought the phone came up with some major problems and issues.

Firstly the main issue is regarding the WIFI connectivity problem. Users of Noir A20 told that there is WIFI issue that it only connects if your phone is closer to WIFI device/ router, but when they go away from the router the phones doesn’t connects to WIFI. It seems Qmobile has decreased the WIFI range or there may a bug in A 20 which is causing this problem.

Secondly the gaming issue:- The users are facing problems in running games as the games force closes multiple times. There are bug in Qmobile noir A20’s stock rom which is restraining games from running properly, otherwise heavy games is not a issue for Quad-core processor

Thirdly Battery issue:- The battery is 2100 mAh which is quite less for a Quad-core phone as Quad-core sucks more battery than the single and dual-core chips.

Other  drawbacks are the problem with the notification light &  No 3G ( not a big prob because no 3G in pakistan but still they have provided it )

Big phone with Big problems that is not new thing as previously users were facing problems with other newly launched Qmobile phones and later they solved the issues. So Stop buying it until the problems are solved by Qmobile company.

Qmobile Noir A20

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  1. Razahameed Hameed

    I have QMobile a 20 her camera give a error is camera not connected and flash light not working kindly help


  3. enceyption code plz of q a20

  4. afrasiyab khan

    qmbile a20 ka encryption code kiya hai aomw 1 help on this coz my msgs are locked by incryption code

  5. After installing ICC custom ROM my phone camera won’t start. Please help

  6. can you please tell us where can we complaint against externally bed behavior and vulgar language of customer care representatives. They just not even claim my mobile warranty but also use vulgar language when i say i need to meet your senior.This is Qmobile warranty???? when customer came to claim warranty their employees through customer out of office. I visited rawalpindi saddar digicom center.

  7. Its good to hear that…. Asad do you face any problem while using Skype video Call in A20??

  8. Your comments are welcome but we do not allow numbers , each comment gets moderated until and unless its not imported we do not allow.

  9. where i find firmware of qmobile A20 for sp flash tool.

  10. my noir a20 not detecting usb device.what will i do?

  11. Video recording issue has been resolved but following two things are very annoying:

    1) 1.3 processor (as advertised and mentioned on the box) is in fact 1.2
    2) ROM is showing 1GB in phone instead of 4 written on box

    Your kind help to clarify above two will be greatly appreciated.

  12. I bought A20 a week ago, I found None of the below mentioned issues but here is the one I am facing i.e. my video records don’t play sounds I am continously trying to find a solution but as yet I couldn’t. Any one please help me out to resolve this tiny issue.

  13. mery mob me wifi connect to ho raha he but blue signal ni arhy??? pehly sahi chal raha tah.. device b theek he or cell connect ho rahy hain.. plz reply.

    I am not in pakistan so kindly help if i hard reset then it will solve.

  14. I am also facing same issue and waiting for help from some one, although my warranty is valid but i am not in Pakistan yet so whenever u get solution kindly inform me also

  15. I have been using Noir A20 for more than two months. It has none of the issues reported here. It is working perfectly fine and no issue of WiFi, Battery or Gaming is found…………..thank God!!!

  16. Wao What a great mobile, It helpfull & easy to my life.

  17. This is very good mobile, I like it.

  18. I have this phone. first of all I dont understand its internal memory.
    Qmobile Claims it 4GB
    I observed (by connecting with PC also) it 2 GB
    And when I move apps to Internal Memory, it shows as 1 GB.
    Where is that 2 GB and how can I use that?
    Secondly, It dont play Real Racing 3 and other heavy games more than 700 MB.
    Any Solution?

    now take a look at this see the connectivity portion and then all of u will stop rumoring about no 3g or if still dont believe open specs of fly iq446

  20. I Bought a20 two days ago and it works completely smooth and fine. I studied all the issues and checked them on my mobile and so the conclusion is that i dont have any wifi ranging problem, no Sd card problem as apps are easily stored on it , i have played games like NFS most wanted and they didnt crash so i surmise my set is not faulty but one thing which irritates me is that it doesnt has panorama mode, but it says in the specs is has and the front camera is not VGa its 1mp.
    Although the device is a must buy for people with budget below 20k, the only draw backs are the that it doesnt has 3G and and the front Camera could be made better apart from that its great.
    So should i download a panorama app?

  21. HolierThanThough

    Purchased it after upgrading from Noir A10 which was very reliable.

    The phone constantly hangs and shuts down even if i am browsing for 10 minutes. Not able to play any games copied through apk method which were working on A10.

    Maybe its a firmware issue… i'll wait and see if a better firmware is available. Otherwise i'll just sell it.

  22. I am using Noir A20 for one week.
    Its everything works fine and wifi is working fine even if i m 20 feet from the router. Sim signals are also good and games aare working without any error or bug.
    Camera is very good. Its battery time is not too bad. It works fine but has no LED indicator.

  23. admin please tell me how to root Noir A12.. any progress regarding that. please post review of that also

  24. Thnks i didnt wasted my precious money on this device. instead i bought S2 in 19K…excellent condition and brilliant performance with best XDA( Dev) support out in the world..I have used Q A8 and now i completely understand why one should buy S2 instead of cheap quard-core!!!

  25. Muhammad Ahsan Riaz

    i bought gfive's G9 President. its awesome.

  26. China hai mey bhai :v

    • Both Noir A20 and G9 President has Taiwanese hardware not chinese, bcoz MediaTek is from Taiwan
      Founded in 1997 and listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange under the code "2454", MediaTek is headquartered in Taiwan and has sales or research subsidiaries in Mainland China, Singapore, India, U.S., Japan, Korea, Denmark, England, Sweden and Dubai.

      • Only chip/SoC used is Taiwanese but rest of the phone is made in china.

        • obviously, now a days, every big brand u buy, is Made in China i.e. IPHONE, NOKIA, SAMSUNG etc, i was watching a review on GSMARENA, when he took out the battery, MADE IN CHINA was written on the tag sticker

          • branded phones are only assembled in China. All other parts and chips are shipped from other countries and are quality ones. not cheap like they use in chinese phones.

  27. i heard there ar alot of issues , like signal strength , light leakage from nav buttons , poor build quality , issue of faulty sd card , some people not able to install apps in SD cards …