Qmobile Noir A500 Infinity Hd Rom

Qmobile Noir A500 Infinity Hd Rom is based on stock nexus rom it will provide you stock nexus expirience with High defination ui.




– Wireless Display
– New Sound Recorder
– Xposed Framework
– Xposed Gravity Box
– Xposed ClocK
– ViPER4Android FX
– ViPER4Android XHIFI
– CM10.1 Calculator
-Sony Walkman
– Day Dream Launcher
– Corporate Account Bypass
– Ext4 Tweaks
– Zero UI Lag
– Maxed out speed & Performance
– Disabled most logging activities
– Battery Calibrated automatically
– VM heap tweaks
– Ext4 Perfect Remount
– RAM booster and Media Server Killer binary
– Get your Privacy back (No internet redirects)
– Lots of kernel tweaks (Disabled most kernel sleeps and Adjusted Linux values)
– Init.d Added
– Fully Deodexed
– Ziplagin Every Boot
– Gps Config
– AdBlock Host
– Removed Mmx Crap Apps
– Removed Micromax Registration
– Full CPU & GPU Utilization
– Build.prop Tweaks
– Init.d Scripts
– New Baseband
– Faster And Smoother
– Pre-Rooted
– busybox
– Faster Streaming
– Net Speed Tweaks
– Signal Tweaks
– Better Responsiveness & Speed
– Proximity Tweaks
– Battery Tweaks
– No Delay In Making Call
– Fast GPS[/LEFT]
– Flashlight intensity increased
-Es explorer
-Tesla led



Download Links

-Rom link


-Fixes Download-icon-200x150


-Download rom zip,google apps zip and fixes zip.

-Place all three files on the root of sd card.

-Go to recovery mode by holding power and volume up key.

-Remove data factory format.

-flash fixes zip.

-Flash rom and reboot.




-No bugs at all



-Make Nandroid Backup before flashing

-Make nvram backup before flashing and restore incase if you looses your imei and sim not detecting error after flashing.

-INCPak will not be responsible for any damage you did to your devices

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  1. Good ROM but the mic is not working in it… You can just only talk in calls otherwise if you want to record something.. Then you can’t.. Please fix this.


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