By grace of Allah we are proud to announce that we have successfully manage to port JellyBean 4.2.2 to Qmobile Noir A8 using Amoi n820 as base and kernal of Russian version. It is not cursed Q version that you get from Q’s centre, but it’s completely optimized version custom built. Previously we were the first to introduce 4.1.1 JB  LeWa, TouchWiz, Xperia, MIUI and Raven for Qmobile Noir A8 all of them were 4.1.1 based, This time as you all been asking for Jelly Bean 4.2.x so here’s the first Screen Shots.

Available for download now

What works

  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • Sensors
  • Camera with touch to focus
  • Video recording
  • a-gps
  • radio
  • and almost everything

Does not work (needs to be fixed)

  • Camera doesn’t autofocus.  (Fixed)
  • Photoshpere is useless as Qmobile Noir A8 lacks gyroscope
  • we’ll be posting the video as possible ! For now check out Jelly Bean 4.2.2 screenshots from Qmobile Noir A8


7853_10151835882537380_1214116987_n 487985_10151835881927380_612702968_n 524499_10151835882557380_895719709_n 1209059_10151835881857380_1377991199_n 1236280_10151835882577380_1030467675_n 1236744_10151835881947380_1116482102_n 1239484_10151835882177380_1479019964_n 1240415_10151835881992380_1102314141_n Screenshot_2013-09-08-22-22-40

we will be releasing this rom shortly after completely testing on multiple phones, INCPak is not liable of any damage or mistake done by you while flashing our ROM – INCPak Logo is the signature, if anyone is against Boot logo better not to download because we have heard million times, need Q boot logo because selling the phone, frankly speaking what INCPak is doing for Pakistani Youth – Not Even Q would do that, if you cannot appreciate hard work behind this all – I would suggest you try porting yourself !


Stay Blessed

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