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  • Aqib

    Here is how i solved my Battery draining problem on Jelly bean
    1) Underclocked the Cpu (Antutu Cpu master PRO) with Powersaving Governer min 500 max 850 ( Also Resolved Heating issue)
    2) Installed DeepSleep Battery Saver (with Slumber Mode on) it prevents battery from draining during stand by
    3) Installed Lux auto Brightness app and set the brightness to sub zero when indoor

    Now its giving me battery timing of 16 hrs with 3.5+ Hrs of screen On and Wifi ON which i think is sufficent for me Plus all the apps are working Smoothly as they should be!

    • $aad

      Your method works well on the rooted phones I was just talking about the non-rooted phones! Bro!

  • $aad

    Al-Salam-o-Alaikum! Dear Andro-Users Including me.The battery problem of this marvellous phone can be controlled easily on self-basis and we hope that Qmobile will fix this fly in butter.
    1.Use a quality task killer (e.g.clean master,ATK,ATM,…..) .Clean Master works well if you ignore all the tasks(including system)
    2. Turn Brightness To "Auto".Turn off "WLAN" Bluetooth " Data Connection" when device isnot literally being used and is on the go.
    3.Must use battery savers as the phone discouragingly lacks the notification light.(e.g eco battery protector,battery doctor…………..) Eco battery works well and is lightest.
    NOTE: If you are using the previous noir a8 "ICS" not "JB" then do a hard reset. It is publicly observed that mostly its "MTK Thermal" is damaged and we take it for the battery. Then do these steps .<>
    Something more,Every IT Device has do's and dont's we have to choose the do's that suits us and improve the dont's.Don't be disappointed.Qmobile (PAKISTAN) is just a paraller of Micromax(India) and Karbonn(Sri Lanka)
    Give them feedback for improvement.They are the pioneers of ANDRO-REVOLUTION of PAKISTAN!
    ***********Remember Me When You Pray!***********

  • asfand malik

    should i expect jb backup for noir a8 from you???

  • http://arrr.com/ XDA_PIRATE

    worst phone & worst company ever in pk

    • Ahmed Dar

      ur true man qmobiles scumbags

      lol if u wanna upgrade it then go to their showrooms

      its sooo awkward that we go to their lol soo called official office only for frimware upgrade

      lol qmobiles dumbass


    • Ahmed Dar

      hey i know u ur not an pirate

      ur that viper265 owner of thread apex roms i know u scumbag

      lol anyway come in XDA their we fuk each other u nerd

  • http://www.facebook.com/imsportful Shafqat Ullah

    dear fellow ,
    it is humbly request to you that plz make available jb stock rom for noir a8 , thnks

  • http://www.facebook.com/imsportful Shafqat Ullah

    can i get ota upgrade jb a8 ?

  • Ali

    brother please make backup of JB ROM and upload it.. plz plz

    • http://www.incpak.com/ Farhan Imaan

      As soon it will be available to me I will make sure everyone gets it via incpak site