Qmobile Noir A8 JellyBean 4.1.1

As promised by grace of Allah we are proud to announce that we have successfully manage to JellyBean 4.1.1 to Noir A8. It is not cursed Q version that you get from Q’s centre, but it’s completely optimized version in which you won’t face the battery issue like in Q version. lately we came up with LeWa and TouchWiz for Qmobile Noir A8 but both were ICS OS based, This time as you all been asking for Jelly Bean so here’s the first Screen Shots.

Special Thanks to Ali Akber for cooperating and having the patience for which he surely deserves OSCAR by INCPak Team 🙂

– we’ll be posting the video as possible !  For now check out Jelly Bean 4.1.1 screenshots

Screenshot_2012-01-01-09-01-37 Screenshot_2012-01-01-09-01-56 Screenshot_2012-01-01-09-02-39 Screenshot_2012-01-01-09-03-39 Screenshot_2012-01-01-09-03-49 Screenshot_2012-01-01-09-04-01 Screenshot_2012-01-01-09-04-08 Screenshot_2012-01-01-09-04-11

 ROM will be uploaded with in few hours so don’t forget to check back !

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  1. Download kesyy karnaa haa???
    Plzzzz tell me

  2. I have tested this ROM, Benchmarking and Graphics support is all great, everything fluid. I was loving this ROM until I found out that it is slowly drinking all the RAM by itself.
    I killed all the apps and even uninstalled but still there is only 10-12mb RAM left, couldn't play any game, not even Temple Run 2.
    Please if you can, shorten the size of the ROM to 120-170mb.
    That'd be great!

  3. It says Invalid IMEI. Have you ported it correctly?

  4. does it have in valid imei error??? as it is showing on lock screen?

  5. Three cheers for you guys.. HIP HIP HURRAY

  6. inc pak is mai apex launcher kiyn hy android stock launcher kiyn nai hy?

  7. Great Work!
    Download Link Please?

  8. Will we install it through CWM or flashtool?

  9. How much time will it take to upload?

  10. Muhammad Khalid

    ZINDA hai INCPAK ZINDA hai 🙂

  11. what about A9?

  12. What about its rooting? Will it be pre-rooted??

  13. Can we get some sugar for A9 too ?? 🙂