Here’s the benchmark results of LeWa OS  ICS 4.0.4 on Qmobile Noir A8, The complete detail about the LeWa I will publish for you, since many users ( Visitors ) of INCPak don’t know about LeWa, Its a complete operating system same as ICS infact it is ICS but it has more features than usual one, so look out for my next post in which I will write about LeWa OS ICS  for now  Check out the benchmark

Quadrant Benchmark:


Personally I was not expecting low score but nevertheless, its more than usual ICS 4 currently testing so I will update you about this.

Antutu Benchmark:



At the same time Q version ICS 4 was also tested by Farhan Imaan and the score was 5500 so just a bit more 5513 scored in LeWa, here we came on conclusion that It might be the difference of LeWa version since Qmobile Noir A9 was tested on previous version.

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