QMobile Noir A9 overclocked ! 1.2 Ghz Benchmark Images

QMobile Noir A9 overclocked ! 1.2 Ghz Benchmark Images

Moeed Ahmad and Hamza Kazmi worked along on this over clocking project and successfully did it ! from 1 Ghz to 1.2 Ghz Qmobile Noir A9 overclocked !

INCPak Tech Talks Team constantly been experimenting / testing and providing solutions here to all the Android users specially we are knocking down the Q phones. check out the screen shots and Benchmark test results of overclocked Qmobile Noir A9




Now what we got here, Phone running 200 Mhz above and ofcourse It wasn’t possible without ROOTING so 1.2 Ghz Test Results are in front of you and you can see that Benchmark Test for the first time any Qmobile crossed figure of 3k … well Congrats  ( Moeed Ahmad and Hamza Kazmi ) Tech Talks Teams members and these both gentlemen are the Admins of Qmobile Discussion Page on the Facebook you guys really Rocked !

Here’s the deal since we are posting almost daily about the technology and coming up with thing which never been tested before here in Pakistan, you can subscribe via email /  get the SMS Alerts for free  Just Type  INCPak and send it on 40404  ! you will be notified via twitter @INCPak ! we are expanding and providing you results and everything after Testing and Confirming !

Support INCPak ( Tech Talks Team ) hopefully soon you will get alot more regarding Q phones thing which are under experiment ..

Take care for now….

May Allah bless you all…..

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  • Salis

    I just found out Mizwa is by default overclocked. YAY!!

  • Rizwan Humdani

    please share overclocking method…

    • Farhan Imaan

      We are working on it as soon it will be Green to Go we'll share

      • Ali Ahmed

        One of my close friend overclocked his A10 with a custom Micromax rom, and he got the score above 35+ on quadrant! the only problem was that the rom was not able to run the Pakistani carrires! He is now working on this fix!

        • Shahid Khan


          • Farhan Imaan

            Yes … Join Qmobile Discussion Page and post your query there , INCPak Tech Talks Team developers are there Admins ( Hamza and Moeed ) ask them ..

        • Farhan Imaan

          That is Only o.O well I am pretty aware of that firmware as well but the actual solution lies somewhere else…..