Qmobile A900 with increased internal Storage to 2.46 GB. – Post Revised by Asghar Ali Khan  INCPak Team member – This process has been already shared by a Senior member of INCPak Jawad Naqvi for increasing the internal storage to 2 GB , i am just adding a small contribution to increase to 2.46 GB.

Qmobile A900

(( increase Apps Storage – Merge internal-Storage & Apps/UserData Partition ))

This MOD is For Our Qmobile-A900 Which Will Merge 2 Partitions (Apps-Storage & internal-Storage) so our Mobile’s Apps-Storage/UserData-Storage Will Be increased according the script you choose.

(( Pre-Requisite ))

1. Rooted Phone ( your cell should be Rooted )
2. Custome Recovery i.e CWM ,TWRP etc already installed and working.
3. USB Drivers and SP Flashtools + Stock ROM for SP Flash ( will be required in worst situation )

Let’s Start …

1. Download And Copy The File Qmobile-A900_2.46 GB-Partition.zip into Your SD Card….

 2. Poweroff your cell and start in recovery mode Take Backup Of Your Current ROM in Recovery Mode…

3. Flash Qmobile-A900_2.46 GB-Partition.zip..

4. Turn Off Your Mobile… (Do Not Reboot To System, Otherwise You Will Face Bootloop issue)

5. Now Again Go into Recovery Mode By Pressing & Holding VolumeUP+Power Button…

6. Format Your Data, System , Cache and Clear Dalvic Cache Partition From Recovery Mode…

7. Now Restore Your ROM Backup And Then Reboot to System…

(( Post-Requisite ))

1. Make sure you have Internal Storage as 2.46 GB now.

2. After Turning On Your Mobile, You Need To Format Phone-Storage

HOW ::

Connect Your Mobile To PC Via USB Cable (Select Mass-Storage Mode) And Then Format Phone-Storage From Your PC.

Note : I have personally tested this mode on A900 Running On JB 4.2 S4 UI Rom published on incpak.com and fully working. Logically it Should Work on Any ROM…

Download Link: (2.46 MOD – Merge Storage) 


Download Link: (Revert To Original State – For Qmobile-A900 Only) 


if You ever Wanted To Revert Back To Original State, You Will Have To Do The Same Steps Mentioned in This Post To Revert Back To Original State, But This Time Flash Qmobile-A900_Revert-Partition.zip

Credits :-

Asghar Ali Khan             Method + Post 

Farhan Imaan                Publishing


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  1. Links have expired, can someone upload this to Google Docs?
    I’ve MIUI 7 kitkat rom, can I use it or I have to go back to the stock rom first?


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