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QMobile Noir X900 Rom for Rivo Rx60

Sami Ahmed Khan successfully ports Qmobile Noir X900 Rom on Rivo Rx60, Kitkat Based Stock Rom came with Qmobile noir X900 which Sami says cross ported for Rivo Rx60. Rivo Mobiles hasn’t been successful in Pakistan so far, apart from Rivo Rx60, but still we get the queries seems like people are interesting in porting different blended roms.

We are not over yet with Rivo Rx60 Aka Lava Iris Fuel50 . Last week I met Sami personally, when I checked his Rivo Rx60 Smartphone he was using Note 4 Rom for Rivo Rx60. Sami says very stable rom with good timing forgot to ask dual sim working or not on note 4 Rom.

Rivo Rx60 looks almost like Qmobile Noir i9 however the major notable difference is Screen display quality, rest the build quality is good as well the touch. let us know what do you think about this rom share your valuable comments, we check them daily.

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Bugs reported : Zero

Check out the screenshots 

QMobile Noir X900 Rom for Rivo Rx60










Download will be available soon !!!

Credits :- 

Sami Ahmed Khan                  Screenshots + Rom

Farhan Imaan Abro               Post


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