Leagoo Elite 5 makes it’s debut on INCPak.com website Sir Ahmed Ali Shah successfully ported Resurrection Remix V559 Rom-  Android Lollipop 5.1 based which enables Leagoo Elite 5 users to download and enjoy this Rom. There are several rom awaiting we’ll be publishing them after checking the bugs.

Resurrection Remix V559 Rom is stable and tested meanwhile we are expecting feedback from you guys.

Note : Make a backup of your Stock Rom before experimenting !

            ( We are not responsible for any damage to your phone ) 

Resurrection Remix V559 Rom


13521850_10208019018771722_225483170262435117_n 13524486_10208019018531716_6469063646730892180_n 13528701_10208019021411788_5274696590949431238_n 13528964_10208019020691770_796054356034183534_n 13532872_10208019021931801_5215203449858975066_n 13533156_10208019020731771_2277772318312715049_n 13533366_10208019021691795_3596314705759697764_n 13606574_10208019020571767_5328612667318125912_n 13606835_10208019019491740_8822247265523713508_n 13606970_10208019021051779_4784111125216618362_n

Download Rom 


Credits :- 

Sir Ahmed Ali Shah             Rom + Screenies

Farhan Imaan Abro            Post

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