ROOT Qmobile noir A9

This method has been tested and verified before posting here on INCPak, so there shouldn’t be any confusion about the method just follow step by step and your phone will be rooted !


Follow Step by Step Method :


  • Download and extract this rar file A9Root
  • On your Qmobile Noir A9, go to Settings > Developer Options > Check mark “USB Debugging” and then tap OK button.
  • root 1

  1. Now connect your Noir A9 to your computer via USB cable. If the Windows ask for drivers, manually provide the location of “Noir A9 USB ADB drivers” and install them.
  2. Now disconnect the cable and turn OFF your Qmobile A9, when the phone is OFF re-connect the cable. Windows will attempt to install more drivers.  Go to “Noir A9 Preloader VCOM” folder and install drivers from there.
  3. Now turn ON your mobile and make sure it’s still in USB debugging mode.
  4. Go to the folder named “Root_script_by_Bin4ry″ and run the “Runme.bat” file. This should open the command prompt.
  • Choose the Normal mode by typing ‘1‘ and hit Enter button from your keyboard.root 2root 3
    • After some processing, you’ll be asked to click “Restore” on your Noir A9 screen.

From your mobile phone, tap the Restore button at bottom-right corner. After some processing your phone should reboot and when it’s back ON, you Qmobile Noir A9 should be rooted. Check for the superuser app (SuperSU) in your app drawer

After successfully rooting ur phone download MOBILE Uncle  tools from playstore on ur phone and install it.

NOW After Installing


1. Copy the recovery.img extracted from A9root folder to the sdcard of ur phone.
2. Run MobileUncle Tools. allow it if it asks for root acess
3. Click on “Recovery Update”.
6. You will see recovery.img on top. Install it.
7. Use MobileUncle to reboot into recovery..
8. Your CWMR is now live…


NOTE : after going to recovery first time u might see a black screen to get past it PRESS POWER VOLUME UP AND DOWN AND HOME BUTTON TOGETHER THEN U WILL SE CMW MENU.AND ROOTING VOIDS UR WARRANTY

For Further discussion and assistance kindly visit  INCPak Forum 


Click the Above Qmobile Noir A9 for Custom Rom Installation Step by Step procedure by Salis Salman.



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  1. Any body inform me, I want to uninstall my facebook APP. from Qmobile A9
    because this APP is built in mobile and not update to new version.

  2. I could not root my mobile using the method provided by this website, i am glad my phone is working fine. I know the built-in android version of my Noir A9 is ICS but I had my Noir A9 upgraded from A Mobile’s office to 4.1.1 because i was afraid to brick my phone. The upgrade is horrible keyboard doesn’t work well now, heavy apps don’t run as they used to on ICS ; it’s my fault to get my phone upgraded from Qmobile office. Plz admin you should also release a way to ROOT 4.1.1 because this way didn’t work for me, awaiting your reply….

  3. I want to uninstall facebook from qmobile A9 .. this facebook app was given in the phone nd its not updating so i want to uninstall this but there is no option of uninstallation.. plzz help me in uninstalling this app..

  4. Thanks a billion Incpak. I was able to root and install CWM Recovery seamlessly. My primary purpose was to remove bloatware.. gonna do it just in a while.

  5. Ma na A9 root kia ha sub steps thek hovay tha end pa Done Enjoy etc…bhe aya but phone root nahi hoa SU ni show hoa …..Solution btao 4.1.1 ha

    1. i have rooted noir a12 with these steps.first try was fail but at 2nd try,it was done successfully.

    1. Dear Tajamul,

      QMobile is a seperate company and Micromax is a seperate company. They both get phones from other companies and put their brand names. And please notice that my message was 1 month ago. QMobile and MyPhone are not owned by same company but there MyPhone A888 Duo is same as our Noir A9 and I was successful in getting the ROM's to work. You can find it on Incpak custom roms section.

  6. hello i am unable to root A9 it says path not found . drivers are installed , windows is 7 64bit but adb is not pushing su, busybox etc, i am running it with admin user. please help

  7. I Had Unrooted My A9 ,,, Or i think i did ,,, Every App is pointing that its not rooted ,,, Checked Root Checker it says the same ,,, But cant get rid of SuperUser ??? I can disable it But cant uninstall it …

  8. OK ,,, Now My Device is unrooted ,,, Also checked Through Root Checker ,,, Now what to do ? What apps do i delete ?

        1. Had trouble in Zip file waiting for fresh zip from INCPak Team member as soon he will upload I will publish the post – might be tonight or morning ( sorry for the delay )

  9. Dear Abbad,
    Agar humaray paas mobile ho tu phir hum zaroor video review banaye problem ye hai ke phones apni apni hain aur sab tech tecks members alag alag cities main hai tu review kaisay banay ?

  10. salam my pc dosent install drivers for a9 what should i do??i want to update it….2nd dis update ll increaz batry tyming or decreax it? plz rpy soon….salam

  11. Question:
    Before Rooting, Shutdown phone, then start again by pressing Vol-Down and Power:
    Go to recovery mode
    Select Backup User Data: It takes some time to backup your data.

    Is that the backup of Stock Rom or just user specific data?

    And if it is stock rom backup, then after rooting, if I restore that, would that Un-Root the phone?

    Kindly send some details.


  12. Hello sir ap mukamal help k lite video send karain take k hum apnap mobile update kr sakien q mobile 4.1.2 jelly bean sir Jo step by step m be work kiya hey but no ho raha ap hamari help k lite video upload karain thanks

  13. Sure we will, actually are working on generating revenue for testing and all, because each one of us is in different city and everyone does not have an access to all Q phones Inshallah we will start soon video reviews with the written method waiting for sponsorship.

  14. I just found out that QMobile A9 is exact copy of Myphone 888 and Yonip 888 so I am trying to get custom rom of those phones to work on my A9 will post results. Don't worry! I have backup! I am doing this because many people have installed custom rom of Micromax A110 on QMobile A10 and they were successful so I will try. Still Downloading.

      1. Sorry for more delay. There was thunderstorm at night in Karachi so there was no electricity. Going to send right now.

        1. Thanks Farhan,
          Is there any procedure to Un-Root it back so that I can claim warranty, just in case..?


    1. There are many alternate for A10 but still A9 under testing by INCPak tech talks team members initially tomorrow you will see LeWa ICS 4.0 on A9 benchmark result which been a successful test and ported working fine.

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