Roze Ayyan Urdu News Paper Website Hacked by Sniper HaxXx

Pakistani Hacker Sniper HaxXx, Hacked the ROZE AYYAN ( Urdu News Paper ) Website to sends out his message to all the Journalists – It appears that Pakistani hackers has pointed out Yellow Journalist and now targeting their sites since these yellow journalists ( Culprits ) are brain feeding with false information and showing equality with the INDIA which is Impossible atleast till the Judgement Day – Until and Unless Kashmir issue is not resolved.

Despite all, majority has noticed that, most of the news and information gateways from Pakistan favors India openly and this time Sniper HaxXx asking in his style about why our journalists are being unfaithful with our mother land Pakistan and sensitive issue like Kashmir.



Sniper HaXor has conveyed his message on the website on his blog 


This website is Hacked by Sniper haxXx

We are Pakistani too so we dont like to hack our own country websites but but but when voice of humanity is smashed

When media become quite and sold out then we rise our voice for our rights.

Why Dont you let the tuth be free why !! WHY Why!!

You know much about the Kashmir dispute and it is our part you know that then why always you are quite ??

Why you want friendship with india while they want to break us in parts ~~!

You Know WHat india is doing in afghanistan you know much as they are supporting BLA and other terror groups and also making blocks on Kabul River to stop our water. they send bunch of water to Pakistan every year and many of our families suffur  problem. You know how important Kashmir is for us. As quaid said ” Kashmir Pakistan ki shhrag ha” Why you always forget these all things ????? WHy WHY WHY WHY

Why is Our journalism Sold out ?? WHY dont you rise voice about Kashmir Why ??

Thousands of Kashmiri girls are being the victim of rape ! What if your daughter was the victim of rape there ??

Stop Talking against Pakistan or We will Destroy You

Live for Pakistan or Leave Pakistan

And your website security was 0% so kindly contact me for that on FACEBOOK

~!  Freedom    Of    Kashmir  !~

Greetings with :-  Pakistani Peoples ~ Pak Cyber Army ~ Pak Cyber Eaglez ~ The Hackers Army ~  Pak Cyber Pyrates ~ Anonymous Pakistan ~ 
Pak Cyber Mafia ~ Team Cyber Switch ~ Kashmir Cyber Army ~ Pak Cyber Strikers and 3rr0r404
Indeed it is clear that our Youth is not sleeping but awake and active keeping an eye on each and every strategy and doing what ever is possible in their reach – Journalists who are SOLD OUT ! must learn some lesson from this because, none can snatch the patriotism our Youth is filled with.
Sniper HaxXx in the past has alerted Government sites concerning security and nailed Indian as well as Israeli websites, However this time he’s focus is on the Journalism specially FUNDED ones. 

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