Russian Embassy’s In India Hacked by Sniper haxXx

Yet once again Pakistani Hacker known as Sniper haxXx Hacked Russian Embassy’s Official site in India

Site URL :

Pakistani Hacker seems annoyed by Indo Russian relations, merely which aren’t strong any longer as they were before in 60s to 90s, Back in 80s Russia now was known as Soviet Union played the major role while being in the war in Afghanistan. It is no secret that India and Russia are working on various military weaponry as well as 5th generation fighters, which recently deal got into trouble.

Pakistani Hackers aren’t comfortable with Russia as they given asylum to Salman Rushdie, One of the most wanted person in Islamic world who wrote lot of mess about Religion Islam and our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) in 80s Zia Ul Haq’s era, flee to UK later on settled in Russia.

Hacker’s message for Russian and Indian governments.

We are always ready to fight and defend for Pakistan as we are monitoring every act of India and we see that India is not taking Kashmiri violations seriously so we hack it and i hack for the cause


My life is for Pakistan

sniper HaxXx

One of the reason is based on recent cease fire violation by India on LoC, which killed Pak Army’s Jawan – It appears that cyber war has become a usual route to send out message across the boundaries and no where Pakistani Hackers are giving up when it comes to Kashmir.

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