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Qmobile Noir A8 S4 custom Rom Download does it again and brings to you S4 Rom for Qmobile A8. A lag free Rom to include S4 features with Highest GPU Performance and Samsung™ Touchwiz Stable Launcher. It is your patience and patronage that helps us endavor into developing some great Rom. Your views and review are welcome and we will keep this coming till you stand interested.

Features –

Awesome Performance
– Super smooth, no lags
– 200+ MB free ram
– Quadrant score 3000+ always
– very good gaming performance, no lags found
– 60 Fps
– Proximity improved
– Task manager (Samsung like)
– Framework-res.apk modded ‘bools’ for .. well.. some more good performance
– 1 click memery cleaner shortcut
– Network speed meter
– Green battery indicator (samsung stock jelly like)
– Updated Superuser
– Updated google apps included
– Reboot recovery menu on power menu – Thanks to BOND1987
– Nice Samsung TouchWiz launcher
– Samsung TouchWiz theme
– Vivid and interesting bootanimation and logo
– Samsung Lockscreen with water effect and sound.
– Samsung calls screen with same options.
– Answering call sceen to Samsungs specs.
– 4.2 look and feel with 16 shortcuts
– Samsung SMemo
– In-call screen modded for ‘ANY DPI’
– Contacts icon changed
– Default wallpaper changed
Ultimate battery backup
– More than 2 days (moderate usages)
Ultra fast GPS lock
– Reported to get lock in 5 seconds
– very good accuracy upto as minimum as 15 feet!
Best Audio output
– Samsung Music player with widget
– Built in Quality sound without any external script/engines
– Loud speaker
– loud headphone volume
– No cracking sound
Other enhancements
– Odexed
– Pre-rooted
– Updated SU binary/ SU app
– replaced JB boot.img to work with init.d
– Replaced modem.img to ensure both sim cards work
– updated hosts file – in-built ad blocking (no need for any app)
– HTC like recent apps (swipe down to clear apps)
– Lidroid toggles
– Settings look (thanks to LigoIce) with shortcuts for
– Engineering mode
– Autostart manager
– Engineering mode audio settings and TV out settings
– Status bar to open two different menu’s
– Pull down from notification (Left) would bring you to notifications section
– Pull down from Battery Side (Right) would bring about settings screen.
– And many more and loads to come!

Tips –
– Window animation is turned off by default. If you like it, set animation scale to 0.5 from developer options.
– Update system apps, specially google search. Google now will work flawlessly
– Use DPI changer apps to change DPI to 190 or 200…it looks really good

Credits –

– Thanks to yuweng.
– Aivars from, it is him that upload this Factory ROM
– B. Suhas for ‘Suvi’ variation of the rom
– Drulez from Xda
– PimpMyRom for bootanimation
– Faree Imam for providing this wonderful Platform (
– Estine (Shahrom Ali) for his patronage
-Khurram Badar for porting it Noir A7 and Noir A8.
-Me fixing bugs for Noir A8 😉

Screenshots –

S4 Rom for Qmobile Noir A7 S4 Rom for Qmobile Noir A7 S4 Rom for Qmobile Noir A7 S4 Rom for Qmobile Noir A7 S4 Rom for Qmobile Noir A7 S4 Rom for Qmobile Noir A7 S4 Rom for Qmobile Noir A7 S4 Rom for Qmobile Noir A7 S4 Rom for Qmobile Noir A7 S4 Rom for Qmobile Noir A7 S4 Rom for Qmobile Noir A7 S4 Rom for Qmobile Noir A7 S4 Rom for Qmobile Noir A7 S4 Rom for Qmobile Noir A7 S4 Rom for Qmobile Noir A7 S4 Rom for Qmobile Noir A7 S4 Rom for Qmobile Noir A7





This is a Flash-able Zip file that can be flashed only from ClockWorkMod Recovery ( CWMR ) . Make sure that your phone is ROOTED before Installing ClockWorkMod Recovery. If your phone is not ROOTED than first Root Procedure and require files are there on the post click the post below :-


  • How To Root QMobile Noir A8



1) First install MTKtools from playstore.
2) Download CWMR
A8 Recovery.img  /RECOVERY.IMG


3) Select recovery update from SD-Card


Download Link –

download button

For Flashing Follow these steps very carefully AND REMEMBER DOWNLOAD CORRECT FILE FOR YOUR PHONE:

1. Download flashable zip file for your phone

2. Copy the downloaded file on your SD-CARD.

3. Power off your phone.

4. Turn your phone on in recovery mode (by pressing VOLUME UP + POWER buttons).

5. Make a backup.
Select “backup and restore”. And then select “backup”. When it is done select “Go Back”.

6. Select Wipe/Data Factory Cache.

7. Select Wipe Cache Partition.

8. Go to advanced and select wipe dalvik cache.

9. Go back to the main menu.

10. Select “Install zip from sdcard” –> “Choose zip from sdcard” –> Now select zip file –> Select “Yes”

11. Go back to main menu and select Reboot.

12. Enjoy!

Done! Your S4 rom is completely ready to be used. Reboot and enjoy your new ROM. Usually first boot takes some time with boot animation, so please be patient.

Do appreciate the effort put in by the team and post thanks upon successful flashing.

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