Dear Samsung I wasn’t expecting these stupid phones, you’re good at making people fool by launching these phones such as : Samsung Galaxy Pocket plus S5301 (Rs. 11,550) , Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300  (Rs.10,800), Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos S5302 (Rs.11,900), Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 (Rs.11,999), Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 (Rs.14,500) , Samsung Galaxy Music Duos S6012 (Rs. 15,800), Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6312  (Rs.16,400)  & recently had given birth to another useless phone  Samsung Galaxy Star s5280 (Rs.10,000) .

Now after witnessing this nonsense I feel like Samsung has adopted the Qmobile’s theory in terms of specification and Low Quality  lowest phone phones, Same single or dual cores phones with 300-512 Mb RAM, 4Gb roms & don’t talk about the screen size   2 to 3 inches hahhahaha, you can’t even type letters perfectly I think they have made these phones for babies maybe perfect for Chinese people, those having small fingers, perfect for them!

So, I would not recommend anyone to buy these phones ,they are very expensive as compared to their specification & screen size and major draw back is low resale value, once you have bought the phone any of above mentioned, after couple of months when you go back to market and sell off, you may find that the price got devalued about 40% from the actual price  WOW  !!!   So isn’t it better to go for the rival companies like Huawei & Xperia.

Samsung is not good at making low-range phones, that’s for sure, Now Qmobile’s theory only their sales person and chinese understand because throwing the same specification that is what samsung has adopted ! so It’s million times better to go for good phones where quality and features matters rather than buying a toy and getting pissed off daily !


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