I am sure if you are in Pakistan don’t want to keep this phone at any cost  because not because it is costly but it’s gonna be one of the reason you might lose it with in no time or maybe get kidnapped. Insanity has no limits no doubt, The golden Galaxy comes bedecked in plain gold, platinum, or rose gold. It’s SIM-free and unlocked so you can can use it on any network.

samsung S4

The gold-plated Galaxy from 23rd May, with that £1,700 price tag attached to the 16GB model. is totally ridiculous !

That’s a solid gold bargain compared to some high-rolling luxury phones: the Tag Heuer Racer luxury Android phone costs £2,300, the Vertu Ti sells for between £6,700 and £14,000, and the AEsir Æ+Y will set you back a mere £36,000 and it doesn’t even connect to the Web. How Great !

Developing country like ours people may want GOLD Plated phone but don’t forget to keep guards not for the phone safety but your ownself ! in such price you can get Bazoooka phone and spare lot of money !

Marketing has its techniques to attract people, Galaxy is following the footsteps to attract Shaikhs in the middle east meanwhile they are already using a phone price tag is equals to luxury sedan.

Is the gold-plated Galaxy S4 worth a gold star, or is it a case of gilding the lily? Personally I don’t think so… what you do say, share your views with us !

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