Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors – Features

Samsung Galaxy S5 would be the next flagship phone, the rumors surrounding the device have already begun. Following a report that the 2014 Samsung flagship could feature a 16MP camera with OIS, a  new report states that the Galaxy S5 could feature a metal chassis & with a 64-bit processor, like the iPhone 5s.

Samsung Galaxy S5

According to ET News, Samsung is planning to use a metal chassis for the Galaxy S5, with plans to begin a production line by the end of this year. Apparently, a sample has been created in Europe and sent to Vietnam, where the chassis will be mass-produced. The report goes on to state that Samsung is approaching this idea with caution, and will do a lot of pre-production testing to avoid issues faced by devices using full-metal bodies, such as radio interference.

6 Upcoming Features from Samsung Galaxy S5 to Beat iPhone 5S

Processing Power: 64-bit processor for future Galaxy smartphones and tablets. In addition, Galaxy S5 may be equipped with 3GB of RAM to cover all the needs for multi-tasking applications and functions.

Components and Material: Polycarbonate will likely not be a part of the Galaxy S5 anymore and instead it will go with aluminium-magnesium components.

Operating System and Applications: Android 4.4 KitKat’s optimisation and higher CPU support can help Samsung to impart more exclusive applications to the Galaxy S5. New version of TouchWiz, more intelligent features from the “Samsung Smart” apps, high-tech and intuitive hardware recognition can redefine the next Galaxy smartphone.

Killer Camera: higher megapixel, back-side illumination, low-light sensitivity, 4K video resolution, slow motion recording, better audio recording and additional camera features, filters and effects on the Galaxy S5.

Super Thin Design: With their current research on new material and flexible display, we may never expect that the thinnest, fastest and strongest smartphone for 2014 is the Galaxy S5.

Better Battery Life: Galaxy S5 can have longer battery life in two ways – higher battery capacity or improved Power Saving tool. A 3500mAh battery pack, Super AMOLED display and more intelligent Power Saving app can greatly improve Galaxy S5’s battery life throughout the day.

Samsung Galaxy S5

With all of these features and hardware innovation, Galaxy S5 is sure to kickass in 2014.

According to a recent report, Samsung are close to finishing the development of their new 64-bit processor and it is expected to launch in the new Samsung Galaxy S5 next year.

As yet we do not have any other details on what other hardware will come in the new Samsung Galaxy S5, as soon as we get some more information we will let you guys know.

Samsung Galaxy S5

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