Seagate announces 500 GB memory for Android devices

Seagate just announced a 500GB hard drive, spinning magnets and all, that’s 5 millimeters thick and comes in your standard 2.5 inch form factor. There’s no pricing information, sadly, nor is there any information about when these things will come out.

The 2013 Nexus 7 comes with either 16GB or 32GB of storage. That’s not enough. Samsung’s tablets come with memory card slots so you can add 64GB of storage. That’s still not enough. So what’s a media addict supposed to do? Hope that a hardware maker is crazy enough to build an Android device using Seagate’s new 500GB hard drives.

It is, in particular, modules 2.5-inch large then as a hard-disk of a notebook, but with a thickness of 5 mm. These dimensions make them perfect for the tablet in particular, and also these modules would also equipped with a really attractive feature, namely the Sensor Zero Gravity (Zero Gravity Sensor), which makes sure that your personal information remains secure even unfortunately when the device were to fall and break.

Compared to the memory modules 16, 32 and 64 GB devices that are currently on Android , a module 500 GB or 1 TB certainly would be a very big step forward. Consider that the devices now Android are also able to record video in 4K, play movies in Full-HD, take pictures over 13 megapixels, and perform many other operations that necessarily takes more internal memory available. The problem, though, is that for a couple of years we hear of more capacious memory for mobile devices but never any company installed them on your smartphone or tablet. As it always happens in these cases, the first you throw will be followed by all.

Seagate has confirmed the drive will work with Flash, it did not disclose if it was working on other versions that would be compatible with other tablet operating systems, such as Windows RT or Windows 8. Seagate did not reveal the individual cost of the Ultra Mobile hard drive, nor if it will be available to purchase by the public in the future.

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