Who doesn’t use skype these days but how about adding more features which normal skype lacks from !  Messenger Plus  boosts up the skype with the features and those of you had the experience of MSN Messenger surely it’s gonna bring back the old days fun back while being on the skype.

Personally I was very disappointed by SKYPE Stand alone features because VERY DRY :S  but after installing it, now it feels like yes we are talking ! Make the most of your experience in Skype, send cool animations, keep track of your conversations, use fun voice and video effects and a whole lot more.

Let’s talk about some of the features.

Video Sharing

Share your videos directly from your computer into your live Skype conversation! Thanks to Messenger Plus! (for Skype), you can now share any WMV formatted video directly from your computer into your video call while being able to comment on it in real-time.


YES ! This is one of the cool feature which Messenger plus added to Skype that you can directly record Audio or Video – Just a Click away

skype 2

Who doesn’t love these cool animated smiley and emotions ! Specially when they are animated with Sound  🙂 

Messenger Plus! (for Skype) is a free add-on that enhances the Skype software with cool features and extras. Now you can record your calls in Skype, send winks (flash animations) and sounds to your friends, share videos, apply real-time video and voice effects, set a different style and color for your toolbar and much more!

About the Toolbar , Install it – if you don’t like it, simply uninstall it , very easily what Toolbar offers you many options and features which gives you the power to share online on social networks as well as the radio stations from all over the world but that’s not all.

NOTE :- Your partner , friend, enemy , buddy , pal , parents also should have Messenger Plus installed to enjoy the features so, simply Share this post and spread the word in your social circle – I am enjoying the features Trust me………… now it’s your turn…


Download Messenger Plus for Skype !

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