Solar Energy products in Pakistan


The following is a list of products powered by sunlight, either directly or through electricity generated by solar panels.

  • Solar air conditioning
  • Solar balloon
  • Solar charger
    • Solar backpack
    • Solar cell phone charger
    • Strawberry Tree (solar energy device)
  • Solar chimney
    • Solar powered compacting trash can
    • Solar cooker
    • Solar dryer
    • Solar fan
    • Solar furnace
    • Solar inverter
    • Solar keyboard
    • Solar lamp
    • Solar pond
      • Solar road stud
      • Solar street light
      • Solar traffic light
      • Solar Tuki
      • Solar powered flashlight
    • Solar notebook
    • Solar powered calculator
    • Solar powered desalination unit
    • Solar-powered pump
      • Solar powered fountain
    • Solar powered radio
    • Solar powered refrigerator
    • Solar Powered Stirling Engines
    • Solar powered watch
    • Solar-pumped laser
    • Solar roadway
    • Solar Spark Lighter
    • Solar still
    • Solar tree
    • Solar vehicle
      • Solar balloon
      • Solar boat
        • Tûranor PlanetSolar
      • Solar bus
      • Solar car
      • Solar golf cart
      • Solar panels on spacecraft
      • Solar sail
      • Solar thermal rocket

Now, what are the products available in Pakistan :

  • Solar Water heaters / Water Geysers
  • Solar Fans and Lights
  • Solar Street Lights and Park Lights
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Tubewell/ Pumps
  • Solar Charger + Torch
  • Solar Home Systems
  • Solar Air Conditioners
  • Solar Split AC
  • Solar Floor AC units
  • Solar cellphone charger

This is an awareness post to inform people that what types of products are available in Pakistan so they can switch to towards the Solar powered products/goods.


Are you using any solar products ? share your views with us, if any product missed in above list mention it in comment space below .



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