Last week Ali Gulrez INCPak Team member shared simple tips to extend battery timing aftering suffering from truma using Inifnix Note 2. The Post continues on as Ali Gulrez shared on INCPak Forum ( Facebook Forum )

By following these steps you can ensure that you get the most of yourbattery.

1. Wallpaper
Using a simple wallpaper helps. Live wallpapers eat up battery life. Using a black wallpaper takes the least battery.

2. Manually Set Brightness
Set the brightness manually to 10-15 percent. Auto brightness uses morebattery life.

3. Use the shortest screen time out.

4. Turn off vibration.

5. Turning off connections that are not in use. You don’t need to use GPS, bluetooth or WiFi all the time. Make sure to turn these off when you don’t need them. It helps save up a lot of batterylife.

6. Use less widgets.
A simple clock widget or weather widget is fine but do not use any extra widgets. These have an impact of the battery‘s performance.

7. Use power saving when battery is low.

8. Turn off apps you don’t use a lot from auto starting.

9. Use Greenify to kill apps in Background.

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Credits :-

Ali Gulrez              Post

Farhan Imaan      Publishing

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