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  • Asjeel

    hEy guys can u also creates a custom roms for voice V30 nd plz guide me how to root my voice v30 plz m waiting for ur response

    • INCPak

      we need V30 volunteer on INCPak Clinic on facebook join if u want to contribute

      • Asjeel

        hmm ok i’ll join it nd plz post custom rom for voice mobiles and also post how to root them easily nd safely ??

  • Saad Qazi

    I just bough it today and a bit dissappointed.
    Camera quality is pathetic. They are telling lies when they say its 8mp, AF. I honestly bought it considering the camera specs but its simply a blunt lie.
    Camera quality is very poor. Same on the voice ppl for telling straight lies.

  • Naveed

    Please share CPU-Z Details of this Voice v30

    • Saad

      Performance is great for the price. Able to run games pretty decently though i still need to test the heavy stuff. Cant say about battery timing as it has been with me for only a few days. 4.1 improves it further.

      However consider it as good device in this price range but without the camera. Honestly the camera is not even worth considering.

  • james bond

    Yeah I have bought a voice v30 but it is very buggy, the first day it was fine but the other day its screen got black and I could not see anything, then I replaced it and today it is stuck with that voice logo.I wanted to remove my sdcard and then I powered it again and it was stuck with that voice logo.stupid phone

  • iakhatti

    Thanks Bro for V30 Video review. Please tell about Its camera (Auto Focus or not).

    • INCPak

      It’s AF