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What happens on the internet in 60 seconds ?

Below is the short video about What happens on the internet in 60 seconds put together by BuzzFeed a channel on Youtube.

Sociological speculation notwithstanding, the exponentially increasing computing power that pushes our online interactions to ever-dizzying speeds is surely something to pause and marvel at, if not to fear. The short video above from Buzzfeed takes us on a wild ride through the millions of transactions that occur online in a single minute.

Want some examples? Okay. Here you go. Every 60 seconds of the day…

  • 684,478 pieces of content are shared on Facebook
  • 2,000,000 search queries are made on Google
  • 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube
  • 47,000 apps are downloaded from the App Store
  • 3,600 photos are shared on Instagram
  • 571 new websites are created
  • about 204,000,000 emails will be sent around the web, 65 per cent of which will be spam
  • Amazon will sell $83,000 worth of products
  • 20,000 post on tumblr
  • $ 75000 added to Google Revenues
  • 11 million conversions  on instant messenger
  • 450 Windows 7 CDs Sold
  • 103 BlackBerry Sold
  • 510,040 comments on Facebook
  • 370,000 + Minutes voice Calls on Skype
  • 1700+ downloads Firefox downloads

… and, perhaps most impressively, $272,000 is spent by consumers on web shopping.

That’s just one example of the mind boggling scale of online activity.

The following infographics show a bunch of other incredible things that happen in 60 seconds.

info graphinfographic

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