And it’s hardly alone among mobile companies. Samsung and Nokia, too, have ambitions for flexible OLED display technology.

LG will be launching a device featuring a flexible OLED display sometime later this year.LG vice president of mobile, Yoon Bu-hyun, said that his company has plans to launch a smartphone with a flexible OLED screen in the fourth quarter. According to the Journal, he failed to say what other features it’ll have and where it will be offered.LG is among several mobile companies, including one of its chief competitors, Samsung, eyeing flexible OLED display technology.LG-logo-aa-600px It’s too early to speculate on what kind of mobile device LG will unveil in Q4 2013, complete with a flexible OLED display, but chances are very high that it’s going to be an Android-powered handset.After all, Android smartphones including the Optimus G, the Nexus 4 and the brand-new Optimus G Pro were partly responsible for LG’s successful smartphone run in the first quarter of the year right alongside the company’s other Android-based devices.There is also the possibility that LG won’t launch a new smartphone at all, and maybe the flexible OLED display will be implemented on a totally different product to give prominence to its display

We keep seeing Samsung demo its progress with flexible displays, but the company is yet to release a commercial product. In fact, just recently, Samsung’s mobile head JK Shin did say that devices with flexible displays are still “far off,” in a mid-March interview with the same WSJ, and that it will “take some time” to release such products and that he wasn’t able to disclose the timing of future product releases. Furthermore, a different report also said that Samsung’s flexible OLED displays will be delayed, as the company encountered some manufacturing problems.

The Galaxy Note 3 forthcoming phablet been rumored to pack a flexible OLED display, but we’re far from getting official details on the device.

Because LG seems to be more interested in taking down the Samsung Galaxy S4 than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the company is expected to come out with the LG Optimus G2  which is said to also have the flexible, plastic, unbreakable screen in Q3 2013 (some time between July and the end of September).

All in all, the flexible display is a discussion that has just begun and other more details will probably appear in the following months.SAMSUNG-FLEX-SCREENS-8793_610x406

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