Wireless Charger by Tylt ” VÜ SOLO “

Wireless Charger : Who isn’t sick of connecting smart device to a charger, finally Tyit have finally came up with a solution ease of mind in just 40$ .

It goes without saying that the modern day traveler does have a fair amount of gadgets and gizmos to bring about with him or her, and that would also mean having to recharge them from time to time. After all, no one has managed to successfully come up with a new kind of battery that is able to last through the entire day, right? Tylt might have just the thing for such road warriors in the form of the VÜ SOLO Wireless Charger as well as the VÜ Wireless Charging Car Mount.

How does the VÜ SOLO Wireless Charger work? For starters, it will be fed through a microUSB input which enables it to share a similar charger as that of other microUSB charging cable or a car charging cable. Apart from that, it will also ship alongside a proprietary mobile phone alignment system that is known as ALIN. One would then be required to position the ALIN in order to suit their device, allowing the coils in the handset to be aligned to the coils in the SOLO, and let the charging commence! In other words, it offers a 1 Amp charge alongside 5 watts of juice, with an asking price of $40 a pop. This is pretty reasonable actually when you take into consideration that this is a new wireless charger that we are talking about.

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