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Youtube blocked – need Alternate for Streaming videos ?

YouTube was blocked in September 2012 by Govt of Pakistan in the light of decision taken by the then Prime Minister of Pakistan and on the orders of the honorable Chief Justice of Supreme Court of the Pakistan.

Uptil now the ban is not lifted so, a group of Pakistani guys came up with the alternate of  Youtube called Tune Pk which has  gained popularity all over in Pakistan. There are multiple videos available on the site of different categories. You can upload and download videos easily, just have to register via facebook or sign up for a new account to upload videos.For downloading you need to have a downloader like Internet Download manager (IDM).

Video can be 1000 MB in size, 120 Min in Duration and Any common format, you can also upload HD videos.

The Tune Pk  is also available for Android and IOS users you can download app from the stores for free.


 Tune Pk Description: 

This is a complete Android app to use full features of website.

You can watch thousands of videos uploaded by 1000s of users around the world and mainly from PAKISTAN.

You can create playlists, create your channel and search for the others. Watch & Comment on videos, rate videos, share videos with your friends via Facebook, twitter or email. Overall it will not gives you complete entertainment like Youtube but may get better by the time.


The Tune Pk include 9 members:

  • Arslan Hassan The C.E.O
  • Jahanzeb Hassan the director
  • Faraz Tahir designer and Co. developer
  • Shahzeb Mushtaq System administrator
  • Zuniar Nasir Marketing manager
  • Zomail Tahir fixes issues
  • Danish Mughal media manager
  • Muneeb Janjua IOS app developer
  •  & Honey Bunny

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