Zong Employee Package – Sub kuch dedo… ( Wrong Number Story )

Everyone wants cheaper 3G / 4G package with tonz of gig volume, apart from what network companies are offering for the public ( All are limited ) , but there is a backdoor scam going on as well, In which unlimited volume is being offered by the people  those are working for Zong Network Company they get the backing of Sales department and gets bonus in a shape of packages and fooling people  The 25% percent revenue goes to sales department. Openly cheating innocents,  selling on social media at cheap rates, Sounds like a great business.  Zong ” Sub Kuch Dedo “

This Wrong Number Story follows with Azhar Baloch INCPak Team member who activated this package, by one of Zong’s employee,  Package known as    ” Zong Employee Package ” on his number for almost 2 weeks after which turned off his phone number and cancelled the package.

Zong Employee Package is only for those who are working for Zong but they selling it and making good money out of it, INCPak has already informed Zong about this to Zong officials hoping they might take serious action against it.

Zong has a good reputation, but sales department and employees ” Bonus ” sounds more like Pakistani Government Servant on some higher post selling Fuel to public on half rates, since they get limited or unlimited quota,  for them PSO turns out to be ATM, very usual case in Sindh Government, Perhaps the difference between Government and Private ends when they do such cheating / scams  / frauds openly without any fear.

Activation charges 1000/- straight and monthly 100/- for 3G  while for the 4G Package  1000/- and 250/- that’s what Zong fella committed Azhar Baloch activated 3G Package.

Azhar Baloch was pretty happy and satisfied with his Zong package, he consumed around 80 GB in a week, download movies and operated his laptop with Zong Internet, height of his happiness and excitement can’t explain here, next week he went for another package for the family,

Until one day when he saw that both package were de-activated and Zong fella wasn’t picking up the phone, eventually the end was not happy as in the movies. We are requesting our visitors to stay away from thugs and spams. Zong Sales department and Employees are cheating openly and they are offering packages which I don’t think are legal in any term.

Azhar Baloch became the latest victim so, what we decided to inform Zong and everyone else.

Azhar Says Before anybody else gets scammed don’t buy any “employee package” from anybody .

Serious Action should be taken against such employees and Sales department, If it’s a bonus with the job company atleast keeps the record how many 3G packages are activated by indivual employee.

Kindly stay away from such scams, cheating , fraud no matter somebody offers you from zong or any other company, this is not legal and will not last long eventually you will loose your hard earned money in short ” Don’t be Corrupt Pakistani ” 

Ps : The Copy has been sent with the details to Zong Officials

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