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Alarming Rape Statistics In India

Rape is worst crime according to me. It is crime which should be treated as murder . In murder a human looses his/her life , in rape victim is robbed of her/his dignity. It is murder of soul and often rape victims lives with the event till victim’s lives.

Recently read archives of times of India which had article on rape . The article was of 2002 and title read ‘In India girl is raped every 54 minutes’. Shockingly and unfortunately today if same article is written title would be ‘In India girl is raped every 20 minutes’. Unfortunately in rapidly growing country ,rape too is growing rapidly.

While there are various theories on rising rape crimes in India , all of them agree that this worst crime needs to be dealt with .

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Here below are statistics of rape cases reported in 2011 released by ministry of home :

The worst is this shameful list is madhya pradesh which has had Three thousand four hundred and six cases of rape reported in 2011 (3406) .

West Bengal which is worst in over all crime against women comes second in the list which number of rape case reported in 2011 where 2363 (Two thousand three hundred and sixty three).

Uttar pradesh has two thousand and fourty two reported cases of rape (2042).

Rajasthan comes fourth in the shameful list with eighteen hundred rape cases reported (1800).

Maharashtra and Assam are fifth and sixth in the shameful list respectively, which has had seventeen hundred and one (1701) & seventeen hundred (1700) rape cases respectively.

Andra Pradesh with one thousand four hundred and forty two (1442) rape cases reported last year.

Kerala is seventh in the list with one thousand one hundred and thirty two (1132)cases reported last year.

Odisha is eighth in the shameful list with one thousand one hundred and twelve (1112)rape case reported last year.

Bihar with nine hundred and thirty four (934)rape cases reported last year is ninth in the shameful list.

Jharkhand with seven hundred and eighty four (784) rape cases reported last year.

Gujarat has had four hundred and thirty nine (439) rape cases reported last year.

Delhi city is rape capital of India with four hundred fifty three rapes which where reported last year . It is around 1.8 times more than rape cases reported in Mumbai last year.

Sikkim has had 16 such cases .Nagaland has lowest rape crimes with 23 cases being reported last year . while Goa has 29 cases and manipur has had 53 rape cases which where reported last year.

The total number of RAPE case reported last year has been Twenty three thousand five hundred and eight two.(23582)