An open letter to the media of Pakistan from Kashmir

My dear brothers,
Assalamualaikum, Brothers, last time when I wrote it was addressed to the nation of Pakistan. Today I want to address you specifically. Let me start with one of my childhood anecdotes. When I was a kid my elders used to talk about Neelam Ghar, a quiz program on PTV which was hosted by the great Tariq Aziz. His words like “Jawab Durust hai Sahab” still reverberate somewhere in the back of my mind. In one of its episodes, Tariq Sahib asked a question to general audience, ” Which Quom (Nation) wants freedom without fighting for it” . Before audience could try to reply his question he gave a quick hint. He said, “That quom is also known as the ‘Brahman Quom’ owing to its Brahmanic past”.

Pat came the reply with a loud laughter. “Kashmiri Quom” and Tariq Aziz shouted, ” Jawab durust hai sahab”. A water cooler was given as the reward to the winning person from the audience. Although, I did not watch that quiz but I have often heard my elders giving examples about this Neelam Ghar question whenever they felt dejected with the helplessness of Kashmiri Quom.

Brothers, lot has changed in Kashmir since Tariq Aziz’s Neelam Ghar. Kashmiris have proved him wrong. Perhaps he pricked us to prove him wrong. We lost full generation while fighting against Indian imperialists. We proved that we are not any Brahman Quom.

See what a tumble fate has taken. Today we see ourselves in place of Tariq Aziz and Pakistani media in our place. We have ceased to behave like Brahmans but you have unfortunately caught this virus. You feel liberated when you show Madhuri singing ‘Choli ke peechey’ or Sunny Deol beating hell out of your army with a hand pump, on your News channels. You wasted hours in showing Kareena – Saif love affair but did not spare a second to show our 7 year olds getting beaten to death. You did not feel the pain of our mothers who lost their sons just because their sons would not accept being tagged as cowards. Kashmir was burning and you were enjoying the teasers of ‘Dirty Picture’. Brothers, do you know what, if we Kashmiris accept to assimilate ourselves with Brahman culture of India, these bollywood people would come to live in Kashmir. We will get live slut shows everywhere in Kashmir. Fact is that we do not even give a fig to these bollywood clowns. We do not have any Cinema theatres in Kashmir. We shut them down some 22 years back and converted many cinema halls into charity Nursing Homes. We could not see our generation getting Indianized. These, your bollywood heroes and heroines crave for some attention from public whenever they are in Kashmir. We do not line up for autographs in front of them. We consider them agents of occupation. But our hearts bleed when we see you giving so much of coverage to unislamic filth emanating from India. It sometimes feels that one is watching some Indian TV channel instead of Pakistani TV channel.

We believe Pakistan has been created to become the fort of Islam. Our hearts ache when we see mindless violence happening everywhere in Pakistan. Our hearts ache more when we find abhorrent display of shamelessness and insensitivity on Pakistani TV channels.
Indian media leaves no chance to hurt, malign and harm Pakistan. Their TV anchors spew venom against your country. Most of the TV channels depict utmost hate for Pakistan in no diplomatic terms. Their drivel against your country goes unanswered and uncontested. These Indians derive patriotic orgasm whenever they talk about Pakistan. Their level of jubilation is always evident when something bad happens in Pakistan. They report the pain and tragedy of Pakistan with such a zeal and excitement. They have proved their Brahmanic credentials but you have yet to prove your Muslim character. You keep on ignoring the sensibilities of the families of your fallen soldiers. India is giving Pakistan, too much pain but you people blame everyone except India. One cannot imagine, a true selfless Pakistani tolerating this display of treachery by some prominent media outlets of Pakistan.

If you remember how your Geo TV helped India to corner Pakistan on Mumbai attacks. Now it has come to fore that Mumbai was a false flag operation conducted by Indians themselves to malign the name of Islam and Pakistan. Geo TV has become complicit in this act. We have heard that Geo TV is getting loads of money from India to project and protect Indian interests in Pakistan. How much money Geo needs to shut up. We can sell our everything to finance that. Just let us know.

Brothers, in the month of Ramadan, fasting Muslims if Kashmir were pumped with bullets because they were protesting against the desecration of Holy Quran by Indian army. Many of our brothers lost their lives. All the hell has been broken loose on us. This time we were directly targeted for being Muslims. Quran was trampled on by Indian bollywood loving Brahmans. We sent numerous missives to Pakistani media, we cried over twitter, we uploaded blasted heads of Muslim boys on Facebook but you did not yield. You stayed quiet. Why ? We are no ones to ask for answers from you but Wa’Allah you owe an answer to Allah on the day of judgement. Make no mistake about it.
We will keep on loving and craving for Pakistan. Without you or with you, our struggle for Freedom and Islam shall continue. Insha Allah. Mark our words.

Pakistan Paaindabad.

‪#‎XD‬ on behalf of Kashmiri Nation XD©2013

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