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400,000 followers followed Bill Clinton in 24 hours.

Bill Clinton Joins Twitter For Real This Time

Former President Bill Clinton officially joined millions of other Twitter users Wednesday night, tweeting from the handle @BillClinton.

While comedian and television host Stephen Colbert previously got Clinton to tweet under the handle @PrezBillyJeff, this account, which is verified, will be the forty-second president’s actual home on Twitter.

Among Clinton’s first tweets under the new account was a message to Colbert saying he’s getting Twitter lessons from his daughter Chelsea, who has more than 128,000 followers on her@ChelseaClinton account.

Bill Clinton followers are continuously increasing and he seems happy to be on twitter. His tweet says it all.
Bill Clinton  “Enjoying @twitter so far. Where else can you hear from @BillGates @PaulPierce34 @SenJohnMcCain @TheEllenShow @Usher in one day? #Thisisgreat”

Bill Gates tweeted “Welcome to @twitter @billclinton. Always happy to see another champion for #aid in the ‘sphere!”
Ellen Degeneres tweeted “Everybody- be cool. President @BillClinton is officially on Twitter.”

Stephen Colbert tweeted “I taught @billclinton to tweet! This is almost as exciting as the time I taught Cheney “Dance Dance Revolution.”

Clinton’s Twitter bio hints that he’ll probably be tweeting mostly about the Clinton Foundation, a humanitarian organization he founded after leaving the White House in 2001. “Founder, Clinton Foundation and 42nd President of the United States. Follow @ClintonFdn for more about my work around the world,” reads his bio.

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