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Christian rebels join Syrian freedom fighters

A battalion of the Syrian Christians who rebelled against the Syrian regime have been formed near Damascus.

The Christians formed a battalion name Ansarullah, or Helpers of Allah, and issued a statement which says in particular:

– “We, rebelled Syria’s Christians, announce the formation of a battalion Ansarullah in vicinity of Damascus and join the Muslim uprising to defend our homeland, to overthrow the tyrant regime and to establish justice in the country with no segregation between citizens.

We call on all Syrians to rise up against tyranny!”

This move by Non Muslims who see it as compulsory for them to defend their land and people surely highlights the facts that their is a high degree of oppression against the countries people by the Government, even though the media backing Assads forces are claiming its them against the Islamist terrorist.

The video of their declaration can be viewed via the link below


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