ANKARA: Over 250 people lost their lives including 161 civilians including policemen and 104 rebel troops, over nearly 1500 people were injured when a section of the Turkish military launched a coups d’état against the elected government.

By Saturday afternoon forces loyal to the elected government had regained full control and were crushing last remnants of the coup plotters. Thousands involved in the coup bid have been arrested and according to Erdogan will pay a ‘heavy price’.

The sonic boom of fighter jets, gunfire and explosions resonated over Ankara on Friday night, as Tanks rolled down the streets the military claimed having taken control of Turkey. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said that a group within Turkey’s military was attempting to overthrow the government.

“Some people illegally undertook an illegal action outside of the chain of command,” Yildirim said in comments broadcast by private channel NTV and reported by Reuters

Erdogan tells Turkey to come out on the streets

Speaking to CNN Turk, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan called on people to come out on the streets to protect democracy. He said the attempt to overthrow the government will be thwarted.

“I certainly believe that coup plotters will not succeed,” Erdogan told CNN Turk television, speaking on FaceTime via mobile phone in his first reaction to the move by the Turkish armed forces.”

“I urge the Turkish people to convene at public squares and airports. I never believed in a power higher than the power of the people.”

A U.S. defense official says that the Turkish government had closed the airspace around Incirlik airbase for a few hours, but it has reopened. U.S. aircraft that were on missions could return to the base but could not take off until the base reopened.

The U.S. has Air Force A-10 attack planes based there for close air support missions over Syria and Iraq. The defense official, in Kabul, was not authorized to discuss the Incirlik situation by name.

Also, electric power at Incirlik has been interrupted. The reason is not clear.

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